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Flak 36/37 Ammo Clips
6 round 3.7mm ammo clips for WWII German 3.7mm Flak 36/37
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by: James Bella [ C5FLIES ]


Some of the items in Griffon Models larger sets are not brand specific and are considered universal accessories that can be used on all brands, such as the small set that this review will cover. And many times the larger set will include only one or two of that item, whereas you may desire more. Whatever the reason, I'm glad that Griffon has these separate smaller sets available.


Packed in a plastic sleeve with a card header the four small frets are taped to a cardboard backer to prevent damage. A small instruction sheet is included, and coupled with the packages color photos is more than sufficient. Enough is included to construct ten 6-round ammo clips, and Griffon provides 12 extra shell clips to handle loss or mistakes in forming them. The frets that hold the trays are .30mm thick and the ones for the shell clips are .13mm. Ammo is not included although HE and AP styles are available separately.


Construction of the clips is simple with seven pieces making up each clip. The trays (B1) have six attachment points each to release them from the fret, and no bending or shaping is required...remove and clean=done.

The shell clips (C1) are a bit more involved, and six are needed for each tray. These also have six attachment points each, which I feel is extreme, and I'm sure two would have been sufficient. The 'wings' need to be formed to hold the ammo, and even though they are etched thinner, annealing made the process much easier. I started the basic shape with the shank of a drill bit and finished by rolling the final shape using a shell. Glue or solder these to the tray in between the square openings, paint, weather, add shells if you want (all I had on hand for the review were spent shells) and you're finished.


These ammo clips are a big improvement over styrene ones, and can be shown empty, partially or fully loaded. Ten should be sufficient to get things looking busy around your Flak. Offering the ammo separately gives you the option of how to load these.

Simple to construct, although clean-up could become a little tedious with the shell holders and is an area that could be improved on with less attachment points.
Highs: Ten ammo clips for around 8 bucks, minimum amount of pieces needed and still highly detailed.
Lows: Excessive amount of attachment points to the fret makes this set more difficult and tedious than it needed to be.
Verdict: Plenty of clips that will greatly enhance your Flak 36/37, easy to construct and a very reasonable price. Highly recommend.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: L35A065
  Suggested Retail: $7.95 US
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  PUBLISHED: Aug 21, 2011

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