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Wehrmacht SPG Team

by: John Pradarelli [ JOHN17 ]

This figure set from Warriors includes two members of a Wehrmacht SPG Team. Sculpted by Douglas Lee, they boast nice, clean, crisp detail. The facial expressions are nicely animated.
The poses suggest that of a conversational atmosphere. No hurried action here.

The figure wearing the M-43 cap is standing with both hands on his hips. The officer wearing the visor cap with wreath and cockade has one hand on his hip, and the other slightly outstretched. Although the box art displays them standing side by side, I felt that when placed facing each other, it suggested a lively conversation was taking place between the two (see the picture to the right which illustrates this point).

Some of the noteworthy features include the officerís molded on sidearm, and the other crewmembers open jacket flap.
Both are molded in a soft, light colored resin. The presence of flash was practically non-existent. There were only a few minor air bubbles on the torso of both figures. Thankfully, they were not in hard to fix areas.

I discovered quite a large air bubble on the top of the visor cap which didnít reveal itself until I removed the pour block. Again, it didnít interfere with any detail, and was easily repaired with some A&B putty.

Resin pins are incorporated into the limbs which are to be inserted into receiving holes on the torso. Normally I remove them to allow for positioning adjustments, but this time I left the pins in place as the fit was acceptable.

Both figures are made up of four parts; Torso and legs as one piece, two arms, and a head. All pieces went together smoothly.

The only part that warrants some extra attention would be the right hand of the officer. The hand is opened, and bent at the wrist. In order for the positioning to look natural it is important that you have the heel of the hand and the fingers contacting the hip. This required a little coaxing, but was easily handled with a touch of CA glue and some gentle pressure.

After the assembly, minor amounts of putty were applied to close the seams around the arms. Finally, they were primed using Plasticote automotive primer.

With the solid sculpting, ease of assembly, and quality of production, I would definitely recommend this kit to modelers of WWII German subjects.
Sculpted by Douglas Lee, this kit boasts nice, clean, crisp detail.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: WA35543
  Suggested Retail: $23.95 USD
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  PUBLISHED: Jan 13, 2005

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