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British Tank Officer WW2
Wolf - British Tank Officer WW2

by: Alan McNeilly [ ALANL ]


This is a look at the Wolf figure of a British Tank Officer in WW2 I purchased recently. You don’t see many Tankers ‘in action’ and this one is unusual in so much as he is holding a drawn revolver!

As with the previous two Wolf figures I reviewed, this one had been available for some time and is just another example of their excellent 1/35 scale range of resin figures.

The Figure

The figure comes packed in the standard professional box provided by Wolf. On the front is the manufacturers details and a good color picture of a completed painted figure for painting reference. On the end of the box are the product details.

Cast in a light grey resin the figure comes packed in a strong plastic bag. Again a simple figure, this time of 4 parts with the body as a whole, and separate arms and separate head.

The figure is dressed in 39/40 Battle Dress Serge with the pleated pockets. The blouse shown open at the neck reveals a shirt collar and tie. Around the waste is a 37 pattern web belt with nice brasses on the front and buckers on the rear of the belt. To this is added a RAC holster for the Mk 1 Revolver hung on a long leg strap on the right leg and with a pistol ammo pouch above it attached to the belt.
The body is completed with BD trousers, anklets and a nice pair of ammo boots.

The figure is of a standing Officer with revolver drawn in his right hand whilst the left arm is point towards the danger or event happening elsewhere. The revolver looks like a .455 Webley Revolver Mk IV that was standard issue until it was replaced by the .38 Enfiled Revolver No 2 Mk 1 from 1942 onwards so is in-keeping with the earlier part of the war and the pistol holster.

The head which is nicely sculpted shows the face of a shouting Officer, the facial detail is excellent and the head is topped off with a tankers beret and a pair of goggles.

The figure measures 42/43 mm from heel to shoulder and the body proportions look very good.

Normal precautions apply when working with resin.


The uniform has nice fold and creases, all the right pockets appear to be in the right places and this is a simple figure to enjoy building and painting. Clean up will be minimal.

Given the webbing being worn then this figure would best suit the early part of the war as the long leg strap for the pistol holster was phased out fairly early on during the war as it tended to catch on internal equipment with in the tank. That said you do see the odd picture of this equipment still in use later in the war but that is most likely down to personal, rather than official choice.

With excellent detail and an ‘in action’ pose this one should be of interest to figure painters and diorama builders alike.
Highs: Excellent casting and detail.
Lows: None I can think of.
Verdict: Highly Recommended.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: WRP 06
  PUBLISHED: Sep 27, 2011
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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