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USMC Heavy Weapons Team #1

by: John Pradarelli [ JOHN17 ]

This figure set from Warriors, USMC Heavy Weapons Team #1, really caught my eye. From the wonderful sculpting to the great sense of action it has a lot to offer. However, there are some caveats I believe need to be mentioned. I’ll explain below.

The set, which includes three figures, comes nicely packaged in a clear, plastic clamshell container. On the front there is a color label with a product photo. The image shows three marines moving quickly with a 30 caliber machine gun, tripod, and ammunition boxes. Inside you’ll find each figure in its own sealable plastic bag.

Upon initial examination of the figures I realized what you see on the box art isn’t quite what you get inside. The kit does not actually contain a 30 caliber machine gun, tripod, or ammunition boxes. Each figure comes equipped with a Garand rifle, standard issue knife, and bayonet. This is when I realized that the set was meant to be used in conjunction with Academy’s fine U.S. Machine Gun Set. You can check out Delbert’s great review on the Machine Gun Set here: review/637

Many people have different impressions on what a kit should include based on the artwork presented on the box. I usually assume that peripheral items such as scenery material, vehicles, buildings, etc. are just used to enhance the scene, but are not a part of the set itself. However, when the picture shows the figures closely interacting with objects such as ammo cases and machine guns, I tend to think they would be included

Perhaps a clarifying statement on the box, such as “Machine gun and equipment not included,” would make it clear. Secondly, the inclusion of the Garands seems moot as the figures are in such specific poses, that it might be hard to work the rifles into the scene. Perhaps you could fashion your own slings and have them carrying the rifles over their shoulders. If not, you at least have three nicely sculpted Garands to use at another time.

All this aside, I’ll move on to the quality of the kit.

The figures

All three figures are molded in a soft, light colored resin. The sculpting detail is crisp and well defined. The heads are beautifully rendered, with each having its own unique character. No cookie cutter expressions here. Some of the nice “extras” include the look of worn uniforms with holes and tears in the pants, shirts and helmet covers. You’ll also notice that one of the marines has a captured Japanese 8mm Taisho 14 pistol hanging out of his shirt pocket.

The presence of flash was minimal. There were only a few minor air bubbles on two of the figures. Unfortunately, the third figure (the one carrying the tripod) was covered in an inordinate amount of pits and holes. The helmet had dozens of microscopic pits. The face and neck had at least a dozen fair sized bubbles. One larger hole even severed the tip of the nose while others covered the cheeks and chin. Then there were a handful on the arms and hands. I was rather surprised as this is not common for a Warriors figure. I’m assuming it was just a case of a bad molding process. Either way, there will be quite a bit of work necessary to fix him up should you encounter the same issues.

The parts all went together without any problems. You will want to take extra care when attaching the limbs that are holding the Academy parts to ensure a natural and clean fit. The marine carrying the 30 cal. went together smoothly with the barrel of the gun fitting nicely in his grip. The same is true for the marine carrying the ammo boxes. However, there is quite a bit of work needed to get the tripod to fit nicely in the third marines hand. It was necessary to carve away at the fingers slightly to allow the leg of the tripod to nest in his palm.

After the assembly, some minor amounts of putty will need to be applied to close the seams around the arms.


Even with the problems I encountered, it is still one set that I would recommend. The pros definitely outweigh the cons. I would suggest you have experience with other resin figures before picking this one up, as some of the work needed might be daunting to a beginner.

Thanks to VLS for providing the review sample
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: WA3556
  Suggested Retail: $29.95 USD
  Related Link: Purchase at Model Mecca (VLS)
  PUBLISHED: Feb 01, 2005

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