In-Box Review
Wounded Marine on Stretcher

by: Chris Edwards [ TANGO20 ]

This resin figure consists of a Marine from the Pacific Theater of Operations molded onto a stretcher. The kit arrived in a see through box with a color picture of the finished kit which also acts as a painting guide.The parts are in small zip lock bags for added protection. On close inspection of the figure it is molded well, and i could not see any defects within the casting process.

There are five parts to the kit; the body which is molded on the stretcher, and the four stretcher handles. The stretcher is attached to an easy to remove casting block as are the handles,but as is the case with all small parts use care when removing them.
The figure boasts great detail; the left arm shows an injury and detailed damage to the sleeve and upper shoulder area. The head is also bandaged in a realistic way covering the eyes The box art did not indicate any damage/ wound to the left leg, however upon close examination of the figure, a bandaged upper thigh was evident. So, there are three convincing wound areas, one of which appears to be a "Bonus" wound. The uniform is well sculpted. Bill Chilstrom used some imagination when sculpting in that the shirt pockets look as if they have things in them,nice touch. There is also a tear to the combat pants on the inside of the right leg.

All in all this guy is in a pretty bad way, but the sculptor displays his situation tastefully without making him look as he comes from the set of "Curse Of The Mummy ". The boots are molded well and show some wear. It's nice to see the figure without the regulation gaiters, leaving the combat pants loose and over his boots.
I think this is a great little figure. It is well sculpted with crisp, clear detail, and you get a "bonus wound." It will go well with any Pacific Theater Of Operations diorama or could be converted for the E.T.O. Just add a rifle on the ground next to him, a bottle of plasma with a fine fuse wire leading to his arm, and the scene would be complete.

Thanks to VLS for providing the review sample.

This Warrior figure in 1/35 scale crisply sculpted, will come as a welcome addition to the other resin sets that cover the Pacific Theater of Operations from this company.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: WA 35555
  Suggested Retail: $12.95 (US
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  PUBLISHED: Feb 18, 2005

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