In-Box Review
War Memorial Shrine

by: Scott Lodder [ SLODDER ]

In the Box
The mail man is going to get a good workout delivering these to all the customers. When mine arrived and I picked it up off the stoop and the first thing I noticed was the weight. This is a heavy kit. The version I got was a resin kit, 100% resin, no plaster or plastic in this box. In previous discussions with Keith Magee it turns out that resin is not much heavier than the heavy duty dental plaster that he uses when he pours the plaster variant.

This kit comes well packed in a nice sturdy box with some nice box art. Inside the packing is done so that there is very little chance of anything happening to this kit (even in the plaster version). There are five pieces in this kit and they are all wrapped up in bubble wrap.

Also included in the kit is a nice simple straight forward instruction sheet. With this particular kit, it's pretty easy to figure out how it would go together. The instructions are a nice to see in this case.
The parts include:

  • Main Base - 8 7/8" wide by 5 3/8" deep (22.5cm by 13.5cm)

  • Back wall - 5 5/8" wide by 5 7/8" tall (14.3cm by 15cm)

  • Front wall - 5 5/8" wide by 5 7/8" tall (14.3cm by 15cm)

  • Complete connector arch - 3 3/16" wide by 1 5/8" tall (8cm by 4.2cm)

  • Damaged connector arch - 1 5/16" wide b y 1 5/8" tall (3.4cm by 4.2cm)

Once built you can count on a nice size building.

The pieces are nicely detailed with great stone lines, nice molding around the edges, and even a nice year scribed into the keystone on the Front Wall piece. The battle damage is really well done. It is nicely sculpted in believable locations and to believable damage levels. Under the outter stone Keith has sculpted in bricks that show through in the damaged areas.

These pieces are obviously made from a one sided (open faced) mold. This process leaves one side of each pice void of detail. The base poses no problems. The back wall being void of details makes this a great piece for a shodow box where the viewers perspective is controlled. It is also suited for a builder who will display a diorama on a shelf that does not allow for 360 degree viewing. This also does not affect the front wall piece either. You may want to extend some of the scripe lines around the corner edge to add that extra touch. The connector arch pieces may get a touch of extra detailing. You can see in the overhead view where this has been done. Realistically, the way this kit is going to go together void backs are not a problem.

The one piece molding process did result in a bit of extra resin as 'over pour'. This is the result of pouring in a bit of extra resin in the mold so that you ensure a complete piece. This was not a big deal on four of the five parts. Some attention with some sandpaper and the they were sanded down easily and nicely. The base had the most extra resin making it a very thick part. This makes you consider two options; place the base on some kind of ground work material such as household spackle or wall putty and 'burry' the extra, or get out your handy palm sander and go to work.

The last thing I'll comment on about a one piece mold is that the back will have bubbles. Mine did on the larger pieces but not the two connector pieces. The front viewable portions had very minor very small bubbles. The kit represents a stone building that has seen its share of warfare so perfectly smooth parts are not the look that you're going for. The bubbles on the front are insignificant.
ScaleMilitary offers this kit in resin and heavy duty dental plaster. This option gives a builder thier choice of thier favorite material to work with. It also gives you a choice of what you want to work with based on the setting. Being a one piece mold kit, if you need to detail the back, plaster may be an easier option for you.
This option gives you an option on price too:
Dental Plaster $24.95 - Resin (as reviewed) $34.95
This building has a significant Roman architecturual influence. It has very tall pillars with nicely rounded arches spanning a nicely paved flat open area. The tops of the walls are nicely detailed with simple fashionable trim work. The 'feeling' given off by this kit is one of 'size and power'. It commands a position on a bluff overlooking a courtyard.

The kit can stand on its own as a compete building or have some extra touches added. You can add remnants of a roof, or side structures, or some statuary details.

This kit is easy and straight forward. No complex assembly, no special techniques needed to complete this kit. This is very versitile kit that will allow you to enhance a figure set, act as a center piece, or even a back drop for an AFV.
New products are great to see. When you build models for a while you get very used to seeing the same kits over and over. ScaleMilitary has broken the cycle with a new kit - War Memorial Schrine. This is the In-Box or Preview review and a built review will follow.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Suggested Retail: $25-35
  PUBLISHED: Mar 06, 2005

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