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SBS Vol32 Borgward IV A
Step by Step Finishing German Armor Vol 32 Borgward IV A Sd.Kfz 301, Benouville, France 1944
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by: Robert Blokker [ FAUST ]


The Borgward IV A Sd.Kfz 301 was a remote-controlled demolition vehicle which was designed by the Germans in early 1942. Initially it was created for the role of ammo carrier, but it was deemed to be unsuitable for that task. It served shortly in some tests to make it a mine-sweeper, but that also proved to be unsuccessful, as the vehicle was too vulnerable and expensive. Engineers from the 1st Panzer Division converted a handful of Panzer IBs into demolition and mine-clearing vehicles, and the Waffenamt, who procured armaments, thought the idea was valuable, placing an order for the Borgward IV Sd.Kfz 301 in the role of demolition vehicle.

The Germans used three demolition vehicles (Borgward IV SdKfz 301, NSU Springer Sd.Kfz 304 and the Goliath 302). But only the Borgward IV was re-useable after the explosive charge on the nose was delivered. Basically the driver drove the vehicle as close as he dared to the object that needs to be demolished (bunker/ minefield etc). He then stepped out of the vehicle and guided the it the rest of the way to the target by radio. He then dropped off the box with the explosives and got the vehicle out of there as fast as possible.

The A model was the most produced with over 600 vehicles ready for action. Now comes the latest modeling master class in Glenn Bartolotti's "Step-By-Step Finishing Armor" about the Borgward IV.

What you get

This like the other "Step-by-Steps" comes as a downloadable PDF booklet containing 14 pages made up in A4 format.

The Review

The very talented Glenn Bartolotti guides you, the reader, through the whole process of creating a vehicle from start to finish. The book starts with a bit of history on the Borgward IV A Sd.Kfz 301 with some period photos, then quickly goes to action with the model. The base kit used for this SBS is Dragon's Borgward IV Ausf. A kit (#6101), and Glenn tells you how to make it a real Ausf. A before he goes on with assembly and paint.

Then in 14 steps, you get a rundown of building, painting and weathering a very convincing vehicle. This includes the steps on how to paint the three-tone camo used in France in 1944, complete with which paints used. He then goes on to applying decals, adding washes, chips, weathering with oils, adding pastels for dusting, etc. All is explained with clear text and very good pictures, which leave no room for any misunderstanding.


This is the first Step-by-Step from Glenn Bartolotti that I got. I have been thinking a lot about getting some in the past, and read a lot of other reviews about his PDFs. But I never actually went as far as ordering, and now I kinda wonder why I never bought one, because they are great little pieces of reference and it is a great guide. The techniques are, of course, not limited to the Borgward, as they can be used without any problems on every vehicle from France during that period. The techniques are clear and easy to follow. He shows the painting steps with Modelmaster Acrylics, a choice which I can understand from his point of view, as he probably likes to use that brand the most. It is a paint brand that is not easy to get hold of here in Holland, but I think the modeler could easily adapt this technique to paint brands he or she prefers. The rest of the steps should prove to be not a problem at all.

A valuable piece of reference for the beginning modeler and a nice and useful addition to the more seasoned modeler's library. Great value for the money. Absolutely recommended.

Thanks to Glenn Bartolotti for providing this review copy. Be sure to mention you saw it reviewed here on Armorama when ordering.
Highs: Good value for the money. Clear text and photographs. Great tips and tricks.
Lows: Only one paint brand used in the examples, but that should not be a big drawback to most modelers.
Verdict: A very nice addition to the reference library.
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  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: #32
  Suggested Retail: $ 1,95
  PUBLISHED: Jun 02, 2012

Our Thanks to Armor Models by Glenn Bartolotti!
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