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SCAR-L (Mk.16) & Mk.13 EGLM
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by: Mario Krajinovic [ MARIO_HR ]


Responding to concerns from the US Special Operations community regarding the reliability, accuracy, safety and ergonomics of the current M16/M4 assault rifle platform, the US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) began an investigation for a new, more reliable and more adaptable individual weapon. In late 2004 the US SOCOM announced the procurement of Special Operations Force Combat Assault Rifle (SCAR) from FN USA, a US-based subsidiary of the famous Belgian company Fabrique Nationale Herstal. SCAR was designed in two basic weapon configurations: SCAR-L (Mk.16) and SCAR-H (Mk.17). Both weapon systems use a common multi-caliber architecture that is highly modular and instantly adaptable to virtually any mission requirements, and is further enhanced by the Mk.13 grenade launcher.

SCAR-L is chambered in the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge and use improved M16-type magazines, while the SCAR-H fires 7.62x51mm NATO rounds and use new 20-round proprietary magazines or standard AK-type magazines. Both SCAR systems are available in three versions: Standard (S), Close Quarters Combat (CQC) and Long Barrel (LB). Parts commonality between SCAR-L and SCAR-H is astounding 90%. The Mk.13 Enhanced Grenade Launcher Module (EGLM) accepts all NATO standard 40mm low velocity grenades. The Mk.13 may be quickly mounted underneath either the Mk.16 or Mk.17, or it may be configured as a stand-alone launcher with a telescoping buttstock.

In 2010 US Special Operations Command announced that it was canceling the acquisition of SCAR-L (Mk.16) as “the weapon does not provide enough of a performance difference over the M4 to justify spending US SOCOM’s limited funds”.


Live Resin products come in a standard zip-lock plastic bag between a cardboard 3D box-art. The front image is showing the parts layout, while the back image illustrates the optional resin accessories for this specific gun system like various scopes, lights, laser designators, fore-grips etc.

The set includes 3 different weapon options: SCAR-L (Mk.16) CQC with EGLM (3x), SCAR-L (Mk.16) S with EGLM (3x) and Mk.13 EGLM stand-alone launcher (1x), with each weapon on separate casting block. Each casting block is also enumerated with the product serial number and option lettering (in this case LRE35058 A, B & C). The weapons are molded in light gray resin that allows every detail to be visible, and the casting itself is perfect. There are no imperfections, bubbles or any other types of defects in this sample. The molding stubs are the thinnest I have ever seen which should facilitate cleaning of the pieces, however caution will be required not to break off the weapon barrels.

SCAR- L version fires 5.56×45mm NATO using improved STANAG (M16) magazines, and features an integral, uninterrupted Picatinny rail on the top of the aluminum receiver, two removable side rails and a bottom rail all of which can mount MIL-STD-1913 compliant accessories. Side-folding polymer buttstock is adjustable for length of pull, and is shaped to provide cheek rest with adaptable cheek support. SCAR rifles are fitted with removable iron sights, with folding diopter-type rear sight on the receiver rail, and folding front sight on the gas block. Any additional type of sighting equipment, including telescope and night sights, can be installed on top receiver Picatinny rail.

The Mk13 Mod 0 is a single shot manual pump action grenade launcher that fires 40mm grenades. It is developed as both L (Light) and H (Heavy) model, for fitting the appropriate SCAR variant. The EGLM system features a double action trigger and a swing out chamber. These offer two advantages over the older M203 system, the first being that the launcher does not need to be re-cocked if the grenade does not fire, and the latter being that longer grenades can be used. This casting represents a weapon with fully deployed stock and the FN Fire Control Unit.

The detailing on these weapons is flawless and every feature (like ambidextrous safety switches) can be clearly seen. The Picatinny rails are well defined, but I'm especially pleased with the intricate details on EGLM launcher. The best thing about these weapons they can be upgraded with a number of already released Live Resin accessory sets with ease and without any doubt about proper fitting. A nice multicolor paint job will do these weapons the real justice they deserve.


This 1/35 scale weapon set includes six SCAR-L (Mk.16) assault rifles with EGLM under-barrel launcher (3x Std and 3x CQC variants) and one Mk13 EGLM. The cast is absolutely perfect with a lot of intricate weapon details.

SCAR systems were designed exclusively for US Special Forces and these weapons are not fielded by a wide number of users. Moreover, in 2010 US SOCOM decided not to purchase any additional SCAR-L variants, so the options to actually use this set with your US SF figures are fairly limited. As for the quality of the Live Resin products, this one is a no-brainer. Get it if you want to detail your figures with a first class resin modern weapon.


World Guns
Highs: Perfect casting, extraordinary details, the addition of the Mk.13 EGLM.
Lows: Slightly obscure weapon now that the US SF are no longer using this particular system.
Verdict: Highly recommended if you’re interested in adding variety to your figures.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: LRE-35058
  Suggested Retail: ~ 7$
  Related Link: Manufacturers website
  PUBLISHED: Jun 13, 2012
  NATIONALITY: United States

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