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Dana ShKH vz.77
Dana ShKH vz.77 in Detail
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by: Charles King [ TI ]


I am not so familiar with this type of armor vehicle but have seen a few pictures of it on various model and military forums on the Internet. This is a beast of an AFV and I can almost compare it to the Stryker MGS. Again, I am no military expert and most of these books I review are purely for the hobby in general.


As always, the contents of the book have always been the opening curtains for many of my reviews and this is no exception. They are as follows:

• History and Development pages 002 - 005
• Danas of the CSLA in the 80’s pages 006 - 009
• Dana in Action pages 012 - 014
• Walk Around pages 015- 021
• Hull Exterior Details pages 020 - 031; 049 - 059; 072 - 077; 086 - 087
• Turret Exterior Details pages 078 - 085; 088 - 109
• Turret Interior Details pages 110 - 129
• FMTV Trucks in OIF 130 - 144
• Chassis 145 - 149
• Greek Zuzana SPH 151 - 153
• Camouflage Schemes 154 - 164

With most of WWP books, the information is kept short but concise. In this case, it is very short. Even the introduction or history of this vehicle is not too long but for me it is sufficient. One thing I am really impressed with is the amount of detail pictures of this beast. Not to say that other WWP books have not displayed many pictures as well but I think this book has got to have the most intricate of detail pictures I have reviewed so far. The details are just top notch and abundant.
As I have always said in my other reviews; detail pictures, after all, are the major reason why the majority of modelers buy books like this when they want to build an accurate model. Another huge plus is the last pages are full of different camo versions one could choose from, if you want a clean representation of an accurate camo.

There is a little quirk I have with this book and it has to do with the order of things. As you can see in the table of contents, the ‘Hull Exterior Details’ are spread between different categories. That is why I have broken up the pages and separated them like that. I would have preferred a continuous flow of one category or chapter per a particular area of the vehicle, instead of breaking them up.

I would have loved to see more ‘Action Photos’ of this beast, but that is just me. The ones provided are ‘OK’, but few. There are also diagrams and a few drawings. The engine details are really helpful and I think those modelers that are detail nuts will definitely benefit from the reasonable amount of pictures showcasing this area.


A Czechoslovakian beast, that makes the enemy quiver at the mere sight of it - the Dana ShKH vz.77 definitely makes a statement. Modelers will enjoy this photo detailed book as I believe this covers every part of the ShKH vz.77 you can possibly wish for. Definitely something every modeler will appreciate.
Highs: Huge amount of detail pictures; great camo collection.
Lows: A split of one chapter across the entire book. In short; not an even flow of one topic matter.
Verdict: A very well detailed book that gets top 5 marks from me.
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  Scale: N/A
  Mfg. ID: G028
  PUBLISHED: Jun 25, 2012
  NATIONALITY: Czech Republic

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Do you have a ballpark idea of what this should cost? I've looked elsewhere, thus far with no luck.
JUN 27, 2012 - 02:38 AM
$46 on WWP website, $45 at Sprue Bros.
JUN 27, 2012 - 01:18 PM

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