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Post War Sherman - Canada
The Post War Sherman in Canadian Service
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by: Kevin Brant [ SGTRAM ]

The M4 Sherman was a versatile tank, it equipped the Allies during the push to beat the Germans in World War II. The tank served many countries well, and very many were built. Canada, like the many Allies, relied on the Sherman tank during the war and after the war.

the book
Service Publications has recently released their latest book, The Post War Sherman in Canadian Service, by Ron Henderson. This is another booklet in the Canada Weapons of War series. This is a small 24 page booklet, with 19 great images of post war Shermans. There is also a 2 page schematic of the Canadian M4A2E8 Sherman. Also included is a table listing where the post war Sherman were deployed.

This is a well written booklet, packed with information, even in the 24 page layout. The book provides great information to the acquisition, deployment, and use of the Sherman by the Canadian Armoured Corps after World War II. It also contains a brief description of the use of the Shermans in the Korean War.

Personally I found the book to be very informative as to Canada's use of this important tank. So far I have found all the books in the Canada Weapons of War Series to be very educational, including The Post War Sherman in Canadian Service, with little tid-bits of information I did not know. It shows the great amount of research done, even for a little book, by the author. For example, prior to reading, I was unaware how Canada came to use the M4A3E8's in Korea, and the importance of the tank in keeping the Canadian Armoured Corps trained in the use of tanks.

I highly recommend this book, which continues the great information available in the Canada Weapons of Wars Series.
Highs: Very informative book, great pictures
Lows: None that I could find
Verdict: Higly recommend book, great addition to any reference collection
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  PUBLISHED: Jul 05, 2012

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