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Canadian/British Jeep Driver, Europe 1943-45

by: Martin Noorloos [ MARTINNNN ]

Well, let me just say it now: what a nice figure!

Ultracast's Canadian/British Jeep Driver comes in 4 resin parts: legs torso, left arm, right arm, and the head helmet. It is designed for Tamiya's 1:35 Jeep (TA35219). I used this figure as driver in a Italeri Jeep (no. 314), but I'll come back on this later.
The pose:
The jeep driver sits in a relaxed pose, with his left hand on his left knee and his right arm resting on the steering wheel. His left foot is on the door sill. The driver is looking left of him. It's a very nice, and above all, natural pose. It's really cool to have this guy sitting in your jeep!
The parts:
The head and the helmet are wonderfull. Both are very detailled. The camouflage mesh on the helmet looks really nice. The face looks very natural and realistic.
The driver wears a standard infantry uniform, which is also very detailled.

There's almost no need for cleanup. The parts are very good.
The fit:
Now of course one of the most important things is the fit. If parts don't fit you have a problem. As I already said, I used this fig on a Italeri jeep despite being designed for the Tamiya jeep. Maybe that's why I had a (very very) little problem with the right arm. This is the arm that rests on the steering wheel. It did fit perfectly on the torso, but it was above the steering wheel now. In order to let the arm rest on the steering wheel, I had to push the arm down a little bit, causing a small gap where the arm is glued to the torso. No big deal, a little bit of putty and the problem was solved.

You probably won't have this problem with the tamiya kit. If you have the Italeri kit, don't think this isn't a good figure! It's only a small gap that is easily worked away and isn't much to worry about!
A wonderfull figure, well worth it's money. It really made me want to buy more resin figures. The only problem you may encounter is a small gap with the right arm if you're using the Italeri jeep, but this gap is easily worked away, so don't worry, buy the figure anyway! Using the figure with Tamiya's jeep should give the builder any problems at all.
There aren't many commonwealth driver figures. But that's not the only reason why the Ultracast Canadian/British Jeep Driver is such a great figure to have in your collection. Pose, detail and diorama possibilities make this a must-have for WW2 commonwealth builders.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35031
  Suggested Retail:  9,95
  Related Link: Ultracast Website
  PUBLISHED: Mar 18, 2005
  NATIONALITY: United States

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  • Ultracast Canadian/British Jeep Driver Review
  • Ultracast Canadian/British Jeep Driver Review