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Soviet Railroader
Soviet Railroader
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by: Frederick Boucher [ JPTRR ]

Soviet Railroader
Item: ARM35101

Soviet Railroader figure
Armor35 packs the model in a zip bag, contained within a light plastic display carton; a paper label with a color photo of the assembled and painted figure is the 'box art'.

The figure consists of 4 parts:

    - Body: head, trunk, and legs
    - Separate arms
    - Separate hand gripping a tool

This model is cleanly cast in a gray-green resin. I found no air pockets, noticeable mould seams or significant flash. The pour blocks are big, especially the one to which the boots are attached. Each leg has a trio of spines running from the leg to the concave underside of the coat. These were easy to cleanly carve away -- the resin is not brittle. Under magnification I found a seam line on the hammer but I can't see it with the naked eye. Likewise, the only flash is around the edge of the shoulder where the arms attach, and it is minor.

Sculpting is excellent. Natural folds and creases detail the clothing. The face is nicely sculpted, too. His bushy mustache is obvious.

Both arms are separately cast, as is the hand holding the hammer.

The figure is posed in a relaxed manner, one hand clutching the multi-functional locomotive inspector's hammer, the other cupping a cigarette.

Winter is the theme of the outfit. A heavy greatcoat -- kaftan -- with a deep fall fleece collar, of officer-style with two rows of four brass buttons, is the prominent feature of the figure. Atop the head is the ushanka, a gray cloth cap with fur-lined tie-up flaps. Tall felt boots cover most of the legs. Gloves cover the hands. The kaftan appears to have the correct pockets, belt, and buttons. Collars have a fleece texture. Finally, a collar and cuffs of the undergarments are visible around the neck and edge of the cuffs. Despite the bulky kaftan and ushanka, the body is proportional.

Armor35 did not include any information about colours for painting. You will have to rely on your reference material or the package art.

This model represents a Second World War Soviet railroader in winter dress. However, the cold weather clothing looks similar to winter clothing used in other countries and eras. There are no Soviet insignias and thus the figure could pass for a railroader in a cold climate on any railroad: Canadian Pacific; Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range Railway; Great Northern; Maine Central; Statens järnvägars, to name a few.

Casting and detail is top-notch. The resin is hard but not brittle. I think the pose and expression look convincing.

I suggest Armor35 offers some painting guidance but perhaps they expect that modellers who buy this unique figure already are familiar with Soviet uniforms of the era.

Overall I am very impressed with the model: Happily recommended!

Project Armor35: Model Railroad Scale 1/35?
While there is not currently a 'model rail scale' for 1/35, it is very close to No. 1 Scale (also referred to as Gauge 1, Gauge One, 3/8", etc.) of 1/32. Regardless, it does afford some crossover to electric model railroading.

Railroad modeling is being fortified with an ever expanding selection of models in the dominant military scale of 1/35. The Project Armor35 is an endeavor from Russia to create accurate 1/35 German and Soviet railway track circa the Great Patriotic War. Armor35 produces track and rail spikes in resin, wooden and resin sleepers (crossties), scale sand and stone ballast, coal, and now figures.

Currently Armor35 offers 20 1/35 models and accessories, including two figures. Resin, wood, and other natural materials are used to create these authentic products.

Please remember, when contacting retailers or manufacturers, to mention that you saw their products highlighted here – on Armorama.

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Highs: Casting and detail is top-notch. I think the pose and expression look convincing.
Lows: Lack of painting guidance.
Verdict: This is an impressive model of a WW2-era Soviet railroader in winter clothes. It can pass for railroaders in cold weather, anywhere.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: ARM35101
  Suggested Retail: 370 руб
  Related Link: Soviet Railroader
  PUBLISHED: Aug 19, 2012

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