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US Army & USMC Patches, Insignias, and Ranks

by: Pete Becerra [ EPI ]

This sheet of 1/35th waterslide decals representing modern American uniform insignia is geared more toward Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom, but can be used for Somalia and Desert Shield/Storm as well.
The quality of Echelon decals is top notch. The colors for the subdued desert patches are on the mark from what I’ve seen when I go to the Military Clothing and Sales. The green subdued patches, in my opinion, are a little too bright. I’m sitting here looking at my BDU’s and the sewn on ranks and patches are a bit darker, but that can be due to not being able to print the actual color.

What’s on the sheet

Enchelon provides the builder with pin on ranks for both the USMC and the Army. Sewn on ranks for the Army are also provided. The sheet also includes two Armored Cav branch insignias and one Engineer branch insignia; two Combat Infantryman Badges; and one Airborne and Air Assault badge. Plenty of name tapes are provided in both tan and subdued green . US Army and USMC tapes are provided too. The best thing about the name tapes is that you get to make your own. You get eight blank tan and green tapes and letters in both black and brown. This is where good eyesight and tweezers come in handy.
The Patches

Listed, to the best of my knowledge, are the campaigns the patches can be used for:
ODS – Operation Desert Storm
ONE – Operation Noble Eagle
OEF – Operation Enduring Freedom
OIF – Operation Iraqi Freedom

You get four each in both tan and green of the following:
1st Infantry Div – ODS, OIF
2nd Infantry Div – ODS, OIF
24th Infantry Div (MECH) – ODS, until recently while doing research, I found out that they where in OIFII.
82nd Airborne Div – Grenada, Panama, ODS, OEF, OIF
101st Airborne Div – ODS, OEF, OIF
5th Special Forces Group – ODS, OEF
3rd Army
10th Mountain Div – Somalia, ODS, OEF, OIF
1st CAV Div – ODS, OIF
1st Armored Div – ODS, OIF
220th MP Brigade
Elements Central Command
US Army Military Assistant Command
South Dakota National Guard
12 tan and eight green 3rd Infantry Div patches
Eight tan and green 4th Infantry Div patches plus six colored patches
Two types of Ranger tabs are included
You also get helmet patches for the 327th, 502nd, and 187th Infantry of the 101st Airborne Div.
That’s not it. You get flags too. You get 24 colored, six black, six tan, and six green flags going in both directions.
Finally, there are seven black and brown USMC Globe and Anchor emblems.
WHEW!!!! That's a lot of stuff! Now, can we get them in 120mm too?
Cons of the sheet

There are two types of colored flag patches which depict the flag flowing in both directions. I wouldn’t have printed so many of the flags. The flag most commonly used appears on the right shoulder with the blue star field on the right side.
placement guide

Ok, for you guys that never been in the US Army and don’t know the correct position of all the patches, I’m going to help you on that.
Rank – 1 inch from the point of the collar, centered

Unit Patch (Left Shoulder) – ½ inch from seam, centered. When a Ranger or Sapper tab is worn, the tab is ½ inch from seam and the patch is ¼ inch from tab

Combat Patch (Right Shoulder) – ½ inch from seam, centered.

US Flag (Right Shoulder) – ½ inch from seam, centered. If a combat patch is worn, the Combat patch is ½ inch from seam, centered and the flag is 1/8 inch from combat patch.
(Note on the Combat Patch – A soldier has to be in a combat zone for 30 days or more in order to be authorized to wear the combat patch. You may notice some pictures of units that don’t have combat patches on the right shoulder, then after a while, new pictures will show them with them on. This is the reason why.)

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Echelon's has served up a sheet of awesome US uniform patches, rank, and name tapes in 1/35th scale for both Army and Marine unifroms.
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  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: P353001
  Suggested Retail: $14.50
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  PUBLISHED: Mar 25, 2005
  NATIONALITY: United States

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