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Russian Tank Riders Set #3 (Part 2)

by: Jim Rae [ JIMBRAE ]


Since I 'rediscovered' Soviet armor in 1/35th scale, it's become pretty obvious to me, just how poorly served the modeller is when the time comes to 'inhabit' their vehicles and AFVs. Many of the figure sets (in plastic) are grossly out of date and with the exception of Tristar, little exists in 'good' plastic for AFV Crews. The manufacturers have not been particularly forthcoming with infantry sets either.. Therefore there is not much alternative and the resin manufacturers have filled some important gaps in the market - this new set from Warriors along with the Other Reviewed Set is doubly welcome..
What's in the box?

Warriors WA 35562 - Russian Tank Riders Set #3 consists of two (full) figures moulded in a cream-colored resin. The figures are, like the other set, sculpted by Douglas Lee. After wrestling with the extra-effective sellotape which keeps the box wel-sealed, the ffigures are contained within a plastic envelope. This is obviously effective enough to protect the figures as my review samples were sent from California and arrived totally undamaged...
The components come attached to their moulding blocks and have to be removed and cleaned up before assembly can begin.
The two figures consist of one standing and one sitting figure which, giving a brief description, are as follows:

Standing figure with 'standard' Soviet Uniform of long 'blouse'. Figure is wearing a forage cap and has additional PPSH magazine pouch moulded to hs belt. Armed with PPSH SMG.

Sitting figure is similarly armed and has a Soviet steel helmet.

Quality and assesment....

Many of the comments in the previous review are applicable to this set, however one or two addtional comments are necessary. I'm still not 100% sure about the poses wih this set. However, with a bit of imagination and fiddling around they will add considerably to any Soviet vehicle. As far as the quality of the figures is concerned, they are first class with one or two 'gripes'... Extreme care has to be exercised in removing the figures from the casting blocks - once again, the use of a razor saw is absolutely vital. The blocks are easy enough to remove if care is taken. the seated figure has a rather nasty 'dent' in the top of his helmet which will have to be repaired with filler or Milliput. Annoying, but not earth-shatteringly difficult to rectify. It is also necessary to take care in the alignment of the arms.... The seated figure, has his boots seperately cast. At first this seems like an unnecessary complication, but the logic becomes apparent when asembly is complete. Of all the five figures, this is probaly my personal favourite! One other point about the casting/sculpting, is the attention which has been paid to the boots. What I thought at first was a moulding seam, was in fact a delicately done seam on the boot itself. The soles on the boots and the definition of the heels is also well-done.

An extremely welcome and well-done figure set, which although billed as 'Tank-riders' will have many applications as 'dismounted' infantry. The poses are nice and relaxed and although perhaps some more seated figures would have been welcome, these have real potential. The quality of the castings, as I am coming to expect from Warriors is also first-class and although the price of resin figures is considerably higher than their plastic alternative, the 'crispness' is notable. Perhaps more variation in weaponry could be desired although as these were 'shock' troops, the principal weapon was SMGs...

Highly Recommended
Acknowledgements and availability

Warriors Figures are widely available from many retailers and on the 'web. In case of difficulty, they can be purchased directly from the VLS Website:


Finally , I would like to extend my thanks to The VLS Corporation for the provision of this, and other, review samples.

In this, the second part of what will be (at least) a three-part series of reviews, I will be looking at another of Warrior's new releases - their Russian Tank Rider Set # 3. This is a 1/35th scale, two figure set which is produced in resin and requires assembly...
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: WA 35562
  Suggested Retail: $27.98
  PUBLISHED: Apr 16, 2005

Our Thanks to Warriors!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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