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British Fusilier with Flak Jacket 1970's-80's

by: greatbrit [ GREATBRIT ]

Firing Line is a small company based out of Wales who produce a small but interesting line of fine quality British military subjects in a variety of scales. Headed by David J Parkins, the company concentrates on subjects usually ignored by other manufacturers, such as softskins and unusual figures.

I became aware of the company via a link on this site and decided to order a few of their products to see how they measure up, I am definitely not disappointed! Although their web-site says figures are resin I have a beautiful white metal figure sculpted and cast with fine detail.

The figure
The figure depicts a Fusilier standing in a relaxed pose holding his SLR rifle. He wears body armour over a standard DPM smock with lightweight denim trousers and standard DMS boots with puttees. The uniform details are very well done, especially the highly accurate sculpting of the 58 pattern webbing. Someone has obviously worked very hard to ensure the accuracy of this figure.

The figure is broken down into several parts; lower torso with legs, upper torso, arms, head and rifle with hands. The fit of these parts is excellent, with no gaps between the arms or waist joints. There is absolutely no flash or casting marks on any of the parts, with only a very small seam on some parts that will be simple to remove

When I ordered this figure I was expecting something typical of a smaller aftermarket manufacturer, but I have to admit it is equal or superior in quality to most. The figure scales out perfectly to 1/35, and is as well detailed as anything from Hornet/Wolf etc including the face.

The figure is certainly a break from the usual GI or SS trooper, and is suitable for use on its own or with almost any British AFV of the period. It would look excellent next to a Humber Pig or Saracen.

Upon rating this figure I found it hard to find fault in terms of quality, but there is also something worthy of noting -- the price. For 4.80 this is a great value for the money, considering a figure from companies like VP will cost twice as much for half the quality. I know many people don't like giving 10 ratings on reviews, but I cant see any reason not to when it comes to the accuracy and fit of this kit. I give this figure a 9 overall, but believe me you wont regret buying one.

Highly recommended to any figure painters and any British armour fans.
An excellent quality white metal figure of a British Infantry soldier typical of those serving in Northern Ireland During the 1970's and 80's.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Suggested Retail: 4.80
  Related Link: firing line homepage
  PUBLISHED: Mar 31, 2005
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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