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Grab Handle Bender
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


RP Toolz is a new company from Hungary producing tools for the model maker at affordable prices. In this review I will be looking at the Grab Handle Bending tool and 2 types of Right Angle tools they currently sell at very reasonable prices.


The grab handle bender is delivered assembled and as with the two right angle tools is packaged in bubble wrap.
RP 04 - Grab Handle Bending tool - 18
Right Angle tools - 4


Starting with the right angle tools there is not a lot to say, they are cut in 3mm galvanized steel with a true 90 degree angle. The overall size is 100mm x 60mm with an internal size of 80mm x 40mm for the L shaped angle and 100mm x 75mm for the triangular angle. These are a nice size for most uses when checking the angles of something like photo etched parts and the 3mm thickness makes it easy to check small items balanced on the inner faces. Costing just 4 these are handy tools to have to hand and are cheap enough for anybody.

Moving onto the grab handle bender; this grab handle bender is made from two pieces of 3mm galvanized steel and either end can be used for the bending task. The stepped end starts at 1mm and increases in 2mm increments up to 47mm. The angular end can be used to make grab handles of any size up to 48mm but it is obviously up to you to make sure you correctly place the wire to get the correct size. I have found that careful placement of the wire on the stepped end of the bender does allow you to obtain any size but I would have preferred odd sizes on one end and even sizes at the other allowing easy and accurate production of grab handles in any size. The two locking nuts easily provide enough pressure to hold wires in places which with the addition of the two alignment lugs and two locking threads easily ensure the tool stays in perfect symmetry. The finish of the tools is excellent and they should provide you with a lifetime of service.


The grab handle bender is a nice product which, while I would have liked to see all sizes of handle to be bendable in the stepped area, it is a nice affordable item for your tool box as are the angles. I am very impressed with these first products along with the photo etched benders reviewed previously from RP Toolz and I very highly recommend them.
Highs: This series of affordable tools from RP Toolz are of excellent quality and do the job they were designed for with ease.
Lows: I would have liked to see the other end of the grab handle bender have even numbered incremental steps.
Verdict: The grab handle bender is a great little tool that I highly recommend as worthy of your consideration.
  Scale: 1:1
  Mfg. ID: RP 04
  Suggested Retail: 18
  PUBLISHED: Dec 01, 2012

Our Thanks to RP Toolz!
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Thank you for getting this sorted James. I have been left with a very positive opinion of the tools from RP Toolz
DEC 02, 2012 - 04:28 AM

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