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Super Model International No.2
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by: Mecenas [ MECENAS ]


This is a second issue of the new Kagero Publishing magazine dedicated to plastic scale modellers. After the first volume which was dedicated to aviation modellers Kagero offers something exclusively dedicated to those who prefer to step, or ride, on the solid ground. This time we can follow the building and painting process of four 1:35 scale vehicles and a few figures supported by a solid piece of scratch building. Here is my look at the content of Super Model International No.2.


In the second volume of Kagero SMI magazine we can find four large articles. These are:
BMW R75, Masterbox by Przemysław Szymczyk
Jagdpanther, DML by Łukasz Kapelski
SU-122-54, scratchbuild by Rafał Bulanda
T-55, Tamiya by Łukasz Orczyc-Musiałek
All authors are well known and talented Polish modellers, and have been awarded many times in different modelling contests. It is a great opportunity to learn something from them.

Similar to the first issue of the magazine the authors present their techniques starting with the hulls assembled according to the kitís instruction and focuses on describing their painting techniques, improvements made to original kit and share a few hints about creating a simple but effective base. In the first article on the BMW R75 you can also find a detailed description of painting a resin figure of the bike rider from the Mantis Miniatures offer. Rafał Bulanda's article about his adventure with making a SU-122-54 is the largest chapter of this issue. It is separately divided into smaller pieces and sub-chapters focusing on particular steps: building of particular sections, colour modulation, oil wash, paint chipping, pigments and base. It is really an impressive piece of top-notch modelling.

A great feature of the SMI are outstanding quality photographs, even those smallest and least important. On the other hand all the pictures are very big, especially of the finished works, as if the authors didn't care for the space needed for the whole article. All of the photographs also show not only the model but also tools and materials used in the building process. The authors also make digressions or present some of their workbench techniques on the margins or directly on the pictures.

Since we are on the pictures, their good quality also ruthlessly reveals all shortcomings and simplifications made by the authors. Just to mention one which I almost instantly noticed are the horrible seam lines seen on the spare wheel spokes of the BMW R75, although the author mentions in the text about the need for their removal. It is nothing big and the whole model still keeps the great standard.

In comparison to the first volume this time the authors provide more detailed descriptions of particular steps and techniques so the cognitive value for the reader is bigger from my point of view. I realise that we live in times when pictures are more esteemed than a written text, but not everything is visible on pictures and requires a verbal description. Beside I am afraid that I am one of those who many times prefer to read something than just to watch pictures as if in cartoons or comics.


Kagero has offered us 80 pages of great quality modelling. Presented models are a great exemplification of how a good quality kit mixed with talent and experience of the modeller can benefit. I also believe that most of us will find some inspirations, or lesson to learn, for finishing their scale miniatures as I have not noticed any super-powers used by the authors but proper mediums, patience and experience.

Review sample was provided by Kagero Publishing.
Item address: http://www.shop.kagero.pl/en/duplicate-1-624.html
Highs: Great quality of pictures, popular subjects, talented modelers as authors. Improved descriptions in comparison to first volume.
Lows: Nothing special to note.
Verdict: Very interesting, gives a good exemplification of the "masters" workbench and techniques.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: ISBN: 978-83-62878-40-6
  PUBLISHED: Dec 31, 2012

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