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T-55 Enigma upgrade set
Modern Iraqi T-55 Enigma MBT basic upgrade set
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by: Seb Viale [ SEB43 ]


With the recent release of Tamiya's T-55 Enigma, Voyager Model follows up with a PE set for this kit.


6 PE frets
1 Antenna base in brass
ABS rods
Steel rods
7 pages A4 instruction


This kit is a basic PE set that will enhance the level of details on the T-55. At first glance, it will clearly enhance the detail only on the T-55, not much on the Enigma added armor. Only a few steps are dedicated to the add-on armor of the Enigma kit. In order to cover the complete add-on armor please check the following Voyager Model reference: PE35460Modern Iraqi T-55 Enigma MBT.

With this kit, you will get two ammo boxes for the Duska and their attachment system to the turret. Also the Duska will receive some PE, especially on the rear handles and ammo.

The turret will get special attention, with all periscopes detailed, as well as the hatches with all the handles and closing devices. Both searchlights will have a cover in PE.

The rear armor on the turret will get special attention since the supports are provided by Voyager but the rear box is not touched.
The addition of a turned brass antenna mount is definitely a plus.

Fuel tanks on the fenders are detailed with new handles (rectangular shape) as well as the attachment point on the fenders. The fuel line is also detailed with small tube mounts, but no fuel lines as seen elsewhere.

The rear fuel barrel attachments are partially detailed with only the top metal band. The complete attachment parts are not done, Tamiya piece A4 can be easily replaced.

The upper hull receives only a few PE parts: engine grills and turret base. None of the boxes are provided by Voyager, you need to buy a separate kit: PE35497Modern Iraqi T-55 Enigma MBT Fenders.


It is a basic detail kit. The issue with the engine deck is not addressed, especially the edges. And this kit is not particularly targeting the T-55 enigma at such. As always Voyager is promoting a lot of PE on the commercial pictures but the content of the kit is disappointing.
The construction of the small pieces of PE is smart and there are not a lot of small parts.
It is recommended to do a basic detailing job.

Highs: Easy to use, antenna mount is nice addition.
Lows: Not an extensive detailed kit.
Verdict: Recommended.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35496
  Suggested Retail: $19.99 US
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  PUBLISHED: Jan 07, 2013
  NATIONALITY: Iraq / لعربية

Our Thanks to Voyager Model!
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I really hate the way Voyager puts a photo of the kit with all the seperate sets together. cheers
JAN 07, 2013 - 05:26 AM
Funny me too
JAN 07, 2013 - 05:31 AM
Hi; For those who JUST GOT TOO HAVE PHOTOETCH, Then they will be OVERJOYED. I for one just dont see the Added Benefit. Now i Agree that in some Builds they are Worth The Effort, and Voyager is a Fantastic Company. As for the New Tamiya kit. And after Collecting Every After Market set that was made to do the Enigma, and after a Care Study. The Tamiya Kit Does Not Need It. CHEERS; MIKE.
JAN 07, 2013 - 08:46 AM
I agree its annoying but its a marketing tactic lots of companies do and not just model ones. Think about when you see adds on TV offering some awesome deal and then the tiny illegible text stating various terms at the bottom of your screen, I see what Voyager is doing as not much different really, I guess we have to just put up with it or buy from companies which engage in honest marketing. Review is ok, but i'd have expected a bit more detail and some better more close up photos, the instructions are impossible to make out....
JAN 07, 2013 - 09:06 AM

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