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Corporal Cough
Reiscast - Desert Soldier in Greatcoat and Jerkin

by: Alan McNeilly


Last month saw the release of several new figures in the Resicast range of British and Commonwealth Troops. This figure; ‘Corporal Cough’ depicts a standing soldier well wrapped up against the cold of the desert.
The figure was mastered by Gerard Detroeye and painted by C Nachtergael.

The figure

The figure comes packed in the standard Resicast format of double zip plastic bags with a paper colour insert depicting the completed and painted figure, manufacturers and product details.

The figure is cast in a light grey resin and consists of 4 simple parts. The body cast as a whole, with separate arms and head. The figure, a standing figure, is dressed in a Greatcoat over which is worn a leather jerkin. Beneath the greatcoat a pair of KD trousers that fall to the ammo boots. The collar of the Greatcoat is open at the top. Detail on the leather jerkin, great coat and trousers looks good with natural folds and creases.

The head and arms are separate parts. The head sports a Mk II steel helmet with the chin strap raised up across the rear of the helmet. The face is unusual showing a young looking face with the cheeks and lips puffed out in the act of coughing or perhaps blowing. The neck of the head is surrounded by the top of a polo neck jumper or neck warmer. The left arm is bent at 90% and the hand is gloved and also holding the glove from the right hand. The right arm is raised to mouth level with a cupped un-gloved hand. The hands and gloves are nicely done too.

The figure stands approximately 44mm from heel to shoulder and has good body proportions.


This is a very generic type figure and could be used in any capacity whether Infantry, Artillery or RSC type personnel. The clothing again would suit a number of theaters of operation from North Africa through to North West Europe or the Home Front. What depicts the setting would be the colour of the helmet and trouser bottoms.

Detail on the figure looks excellent and this one should be of interest to both figure painters and diorama builders alike.

Little clean up is required with just the removal of the pour plugs from the boots, head and arms before you get to the fun part.

Another useful addition to the Resicast range, I already had a home for this one picked out, as a second crewman for their 6 inch Howitzer.
Highs: Very useable with a nice mix of generic clothing.
Lows: None I can think of
Verdict: Highly Recommended
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35.5651
  PUBLISHED: Apr 13, 2013
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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