In-Box Review
Pro-Series Sidewalk

by: Scott Lodder [ SLODDER ]

In The Box

Kancali brings us another option to cover our sidewalks in our dioramas. When you order this piece from Kancali you’ll receive a nicely packed sidewalk sheet. With the durability and flexibility (literally and figuratively) of this product it can be packaged in any number of ways. The easiest and least expensive and most flexible for shipping is to package it in a bag. This allows Kancali to ship this product in various ways; dropped in an envelope, shipping tube, or boxed with other products. The street section is bagged with a heavy card stock instruction sheet inside the bag to add support during shipping. On the card are instructions for application and finishing. You’ll be guided on how to shape the piece, mount the piece and paint the piece.
What you get

In the bag you’ll find a nicely molded sidewalk sheet. The sheet consists of:

  • Overall piece is approximately 7.5"x 10"

  • Sidewalk widths are 2.125"

  • Main sidewalk is 7.5"x 10" including the detail

  • Secondary sidewalk is 4.25"x 6.25"

  • Extension is 3.5" long

The sidewalks are sculpted in the shape of 18” (approximate scale size) flagstones. These are flat square stones. The stones are set side by side in even rows and columns. The curb edge is sculpted with rectangular square brick type blocks. These are nicely done and edge the sidewalk well. On the outside corner is a unique detail. There is a round section molded with the curbstones. This detail can be used for any number of things. You can put in a streetlight, a planter, an access control gate (at a check point).
There are three overall pieces molded on the main sheet.
The sheet

The size of this sheet is nice and big. It will help you build a nice size diorama for one or two AFV’s and a good sized building corner. It could be used for a full intact building or a destroyed building. On the inside edge of the main corner piece is a raised line of flagstones that will act as a foundation for your building. This is a nice touch to add detail and transition to your diorama. The secondary pieces do not include this foundation detail; instead they include an additional row of flag stones to keep the overall size more uniform.
The stone detail is nicely carved and shows a great deal of texture. For a latex product you get a surprisingly high level of detail in the stone texture. It compares nicely with plaster and resin. The flagstones are nicely carved and well laid out. There is a bit of unevenness planned into the sidewalk. This gives it a well-used appearance. You will probably want to fill a couple of the gaps between the stones with a bit of putty or debris to give it a uniform look.
The curbstones are well done overall. They are applied uniformly and in good order. A few have molded in wear and tear breaks, while a couple look like they have ‘bubble holes’. These should be able to be filled with a bit of putty to make them even.
The pieces included will allow you to model a corner scene or straight road scene. You can form the pieces included to make a single corner scene, a “T” corner scene, or a straight one sided scene or lastly a straight two sided scene. Depending on which type of scene you pick you will be limited on the overall size of the diorama.
The backside of the sheet shows off how the product is so versatile. It has thread embedded in the latex. This gives it strength and durability. You can also see that there are some places where you will need to add thin sheets of backing to give the sidew

My first impressions of this sheet were ok. As I opened them and began review them I continued to be impressed. The sculpting is great, the flexibility is solid. The ease of use is wonderful. This should be a solid product in their line.
Innovation is a quality trait of Kancali. Always striving to improve and extend their product line. This new product takes us one step away from their current street products – Pro-series sidewalk section for 1:35 scale.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: Pro-series Sidewalk
  Suggested Retail: $5.99 USD
  PUBLISHED: Jun 01, 2005

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