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Lewis Guns,Supports & Swivels
Resicast Lewis gun with support stands and swivel pintle

by: Alan McNeilly [ ALANL ]


Back in 2009 Resicast released a nice set of 4 x Lewis guns and ammunition boxes set 35.2332. Those of you who have an interest in the LRDG will have noticed an increased range of individual and conversion sets connected to this genre. This most recent release sees an enhancement to the original issue by the provision of a set of Lewis Guns with support stands and swivel pintles set 35.2350. The Lewis Gun was used widely during WW1 and during the early part of WW2 and were common on the 30cwt Chevrolet LRDG trucks.

The Set

The set is cast in light grey resin and comes packages in the standard Resicast format for small items, showing the product and manufacturers details and a picture of the mounted items.

The set consists of 4 x Lewis Guns, 4 x drum magazines for the guns, and 4 x vertical two part stands and 4 x swivel pintles. Also included in my example was part RS which contained 5 x eye bolt rings.

The parts are expertly cast and the detail on the guns, magazines and associated stands looks extremely well done. You will need to add a little locking handle to the vertical mounts, the position of this is shown in the cover photo and could be easily made from a thin piece of styrene rod.


A very useful set of stands and pintles for use on the LRDG 30cwt Chevrolet or any other appropriate vehicle as desired. This set offers alternative arming options for a variety of vehicles.
The Lewis gun was widely deployed by the British, especially during the early years of the second world war when automatic weapons were in short supply. As such I would have liked to have seen a broader range of gun mountings, allowing for twin mounted guns and even the lower base stands suitable for the Vosper and other RN ships.
That said this set offers a nice range of options especially for those who like modelling subjects in the Western Desert or who have an interest in WW1 subjects.
Highs: Excellent detail with flexible usage
Lows: None
Verdict: Highly Recommended
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35.2350
  PUBLISHED: Apr 14, 2013
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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