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Flat Shield for GM Mk.I Otter
LZ Models Flat Shield for GM Mk.I Otter
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by: Kevin Brant [ SGTRAM ]


The Otter Light Reconnaissance Car was developed in Canada using the Canadian Military Pattern frame. While easy to manufacture, due to the frame already being tried and accepted, the Otter was not really liked by the troops that used it, compared the Humber and Staghound. Some Otters were modified in the field for other uses, including anti-air protection for convoys, forward artillery observation, etc.

The latest conversion kit from LZ Models offers a replacement for the cylindrical turret, replacing it with a straight shield and .50 cal HMG mounted. While I was unable to find any real information on this particular conversion, other than the black and white photo supplied by LZ Models, I am unsure how many vehicles were converted in this manner and what the purpose was. While this could have been a conversion for a forward artillery observer, the photo looks to have marking for a reconnaissance unit.


The conversion for straight shield conversion from LZ Models for the Mirror Models Otter kit comes in a small zip lock bag, with a card stock label. Inside the bag is a small fret of photo-etched, 7 resin parts, and a small two sided instruction sheet. The PE fret contains the shield, as well as parts for the .50 cal MG. The resin parts are the main body, barrel and mount for the .50 cal.


While the photo etched shield is straight forward, showing the bend mark clearly, the remaining detail is for the MG, includes handle brackets, a lever for the cocking handle, and sights. The main parts of the MG are done in resin, with a separate body and barrel, as well as the handles and cocking handle. The mount is also cast in resin. The cast detail is well done, with the exception of the cradle cast on to the body. There is also no ammunition can or bracket.


Overall this conversion is an option for those afraid of the cylindrical PE turret included in the Otter kit or a great different look for your Otter, or even a reason to build a second kit. While the detail in this small conversion is well done, it is missing a few items that would be nice to have in the set. I recommend this conversion for those who would like to do something different with their Mirror Models Otter kit.
Highs: Great option for the Mirror Models kit, giving it a different look.
Lows: Molded on cradle, no ammo box or bracket
Verdict: Great little conversion, highly recommended
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  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35427
  PUBLISHED: Apr 15, 2013

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Does anyone know of more photos of this conversion in the field besides the one shown on the packaging? Was this a "one-off" conversion or a "unit-wide" modification seen on more than one vehicle? It is interesting and gives the Otter an different look, so some more info on use in the field would be nice to have. I'm in the early stages of deciding on my next project and have the GM Otter - it's a definite candidate. TIA
APR 16, 2013 - 01:20 AM
Mike there is supposedly one, restored in the UK, not sure where. But there were lots of field modifications done to this vehicle in the field, unfortunately I don't know how many were done like the one for the LZ conversion. I would presume, that more then one vehicle from that unit shown in the picture was done like this, the may be more. From the images with the "41" unit sign, it looks to belong to a recce unit. Unfortunately I cannot see the formation sign. I would take a guess that the vehicle belonged to one of the following units: 4th Princess Louise Dragon Guards, 14th Canadian Hussars, or 17th Duke of York Canadian Hussar. Sorry I could not be of more help. Kevin
APR 16, 2013 - 01:39 AM
According to this thread : http://www.mapleleafup.net/forums/showthread.php?t=2341 the pictured Otter belonged to the 4th Princess Louise Dragoon Guards in Italy. HTH H.P.
APR 16, 2013 - 02:59 AM
Thanks for the replies, Kevin and Frenchy. I'm still int the "gathering information" stages of an Otter project, so every bit helps! I'm tending towards one of the Italy vehicles so that I can camouflage it and show the large identification flashes, but still no firm decisions yet. Thanks, again!
APR 16, 2013 - 05:21 AM

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