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Panzerfaust and Wheelbarrow
Panzerfaust 60 and Wooden Wheelbarrow
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by: Rick Cooper [ CLOVIS899 ]


Plus Model from the Czech Republic has dropped another pair of nice little additions in their Easy Line of resin accessories; a set of 5 Panzerfaust 60 anti-tank weapons (EL 055) and a wooden wheelbarrow (EL 053).


Both sets arrived packaged in a cellophane hanging bag with an adhesive bottom flap opening. Inside you will find that behind the placard is a sturdy piece of cardboard for added strength in the packaging, a nice addition when you are dealing with resin pieces that may be a bit fragile. Both sets are in the familiar light gray resin that Plus Model has been using for quite a while now.


Panzerfaust 60
The Panzerfaust 60 was the most common model produced during the war and this set comes with five of the little jewels. They are well protected with a pair of long projections that extend from the end of the resin carrier in order to shield the somewhat delicate launch tube of the weapon. The squeeze trigger does have a small film of flash that will need to be carefully cleaned out for a superior appearance. The end of the launch tube did have a small air bubble hole that will need to be filled on three of the five launchers so be aware of that. The set also comes with a decal for each weapon with the famous “Achtung! Feuerstrahl!” warning (Attention, fire jet!). I wish that Plus Model would have included the decal that was applied to the warhead that gave the user instructions on basic use. At any rate, the weapons as presented clean up very easily and should look quite nice however a modeler may wish to use them.

Wheelbarrow (EL 053)
The wheelbarrow consists of six parts that will build up a small garden style wheelbarrow. The barrow is small enough that the handles are integrated into the sides of the cart. The kit will require a bit of care in separating the resin pieces from the carrier block but nothing that even a novice modeler should have any problem with. You will need to be careful in removing the small wheel from its carrier block. The kit does have the wood grain evident; it is very fine and does not appear out of scale. I know some modelers don’t like any wood grain, if you fall into that category the grain should easily sand out. The wheelbarrow doesn’t show any metal strapping or reinforcing giving it a bit of a toy-like appearance which belies its 6 foot length.


The two sets should prove popular with modelers as they provide an easy way to fill up the back of a vehicle or an odd corner in a diorama. Both appear very easy to quickly clean up and have ready for paint, the addition of the decal for the Panzerfaust adds to the value.
Highs: Easy builds that can help to dress up a vehicle or diorama quickly with a minimum of fuss.
Lows: A few air bubbles in some of the panzerfaust examples, the wheelbarrow may be a little short on detail.
Verdict: Recommended.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: EL 053 and EL 055
  PUBLISHED: Apr 23, 2013

Our Thanks to Plus Model!
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