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88mm ammo stencils
German 88mm ammo stencils: stenciling for 88mm rounds for Tiger I, Tiger II, Pak 43-41 towed, Nashorn, Jagdpanther, FlaK 18, FlaK 36, FlaK 37 towed and Elefant
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by: Bill Cross [ BILL_C ]


While perhaps not as ubiquitous as the 75mm round, the 88mm shell has the romance of being the ammunition for some of the Wehrmacht's most intimidating and notorious guns. No less than the following all used 88/8.8cm ammo:

  • Tiger I
  • Tiger II
  • PaK 43-41 towed
  • Nashorn
  • Jagdpanther
  • FlaK 18, FlaK 36 & FlaK 37 towed
  • Elefant

Archer Fine Transfers has gradually been adding to their AFT series of waterslide decals offering the same level of detailing found in their more-expensive (and more challenging-to-use) dry transfers. There are sheets of stencils for both painted and unpainted 88mm ammo boxes. Now comes a sheet of stencils for the actual 88mm rounds, researched at the Netherlands' Oorlogsmuseum in Overloon by Jerry Plettenberg and Emile De Nijs.

what you get

Inside the customary Archer Fine Transfers glasine envelope are:

1 sheet of stencil decals (enough for 64 rounds)
1 sheet of painting & placement instructions

the review

While dry transfers of this small size are really very easy to work with (thanks to Archer Fine Transfers marvelous Wet Medium Paper, some modelers are just too nervous to try them. As a result, Archer Fine Transfers has been accumulating a huge range of waterslide decals under their AFT sub-brand that are a bit cheaper and of course, easier to use.

Having already released sets for the painted and unpainted 88mm ammo cases, Archer Fine Transfers now has the stencils for the shells themselves. For modelers who are used to crappy plastic ammunition, the recent spate of resin, high-quality styrene and even turned brass rounds and spent shell casings means that a level of verisimilitude is now possible that is just short of marvelous. The Archer Fine Transfers set includes a painting guide that reveals how Germany's dreaded Eighty-Eight rounds not only came in colors, but had labels to make sure the right round went into the right (gun) hole.

The printing is amazing for a waterslide decal, the kind of detail that we normally expect possible only on a dry transfer. You'll need a magnifier to read the words, but just knowing I have the correct stenciling makes me feel better (sort of like having an interior inside a vehicle where only a few hatches open). Archer even maintains that you could never get this kind of precision in a small marking with a dry transfer, which is saying a lot. The painting guide doesn't call out particular colors or manufacturers, and is there simply to give modelers some guidance on what the rounds should look like.


Archer Fine Transfers ammo crate stencils have not been without controversy regarding their size to-scale. That having been said, these sets offer modelers a fast and easy way to provide stenciling for both the crates and the ammunition. Given the rise of detailing now found in the hobby, this set and those for 75mm rounds are a blessed addition to the arsenal of the super-detailer or even the serious hobbyist.

Thanks to Archer Fine Transfers for supplying this review set. Be sure to mention you saw them reviewed here on Armorama when ordering.
Highs: Crisp printing, easy-to-use.
Lows: Not as precise as dry transfers, but eminently satisfying.
Verdict: Highly recommended.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: AR77022
  Suggested Retail: $7.95
  PUBLISHED: Apr 26, 2013

Our Thanks to Archer Fine Transfers!
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