In-Box Review
1/48th Brick Wall, Sand Bag, and Barricade Set

by: Mary Langley [ TANKYSGAL1 ]

Tamiya in its continued expansion of its new 1/48th vehicle collection is also bringing us a variety of accessory kits. With the Brick Wall, Sand Bag, and Barricade Set, the dioramist will be able to recreate a variety of both realistic and accurate scenes. The set is very well detailed.
The Box

The Box that the kit comes in is typical Tamiya. Lightweight cardboard box with nice color photos of the contents, displayed showing examples of the use of the product.

The accessories kit comes with a two page set of instructions. The instructions are well written and easy to follow, displaying both text and graphics to show the assembly of the various components. The instructions also give a brief history as to the use of bricks, sandbags, and barricades during WWII, along with a list of needed tools for assembly. You will also find a detailing tip included on the instructions as to the construction of barbed wire.
What You Get:

When you open the box you will see a clear cellophane bag that contains three sprue's that hold a combination of brick wall sections, sand bags, and barricades.

You will get 26 brick wall sections that are realistically molded and can be assembled in many different angles in order to form straight walls or corners.
Next you will get 58 sand bags featuring two types. One type that can be used for stacking, and the other can be used individually. The sandbags measure 10mm wide by 17mm long. They appear to be just a bit larger than scale.
Lastly you will get a set of 8 anti-tank steel barricades and a set of 4 wooden barricades. The steel barricades measure 49mm in length and are molded to represent train rails. The wooden pegs for pyramid type barricades measure 42mm in length.

I feel this set is a great addition to 1/48th scale modeling. It will give the 1/48th scale dioramist many different alternatives to recreating both accurate and realistic scenes that involve brick walls, sandbags, and or barricades.

Post Review Comparison of 1/35 and 1/48 scale versions

There has been lots of discussion around Tamiya's new 1/48th minature collection. With the most discussed topic being wether or not the new 1/48th scale kits and accessories are merly scaled down versions of their larger counterparts.
I recently submitted an inquiry to Tamiya on the subject and as of yet have not recieved any comment back. So..with the help of Jackhammer81, we did a little comparison of the Tamiya 1/35th Brick Walls and Sandbags to the Tamiya 1/48th.
Upon looking at the sandbags, you can immediately tell that they are diffrent. The two sets look totally diffrent. Not only in size, but also in the way that the sandbags are cast. The 1/48th in my opinion is much more detailed and looks more realistic.
As far as how they compare in scale, each sandbag scales out to about the same measurements and both are slightly over sized compared to what you find in the field by about 3 inches.

The 1/48th brick walls are also diffrent than their bigger counterparts. In my opinion, the 1/35th brick walls have a better look to them with a little better texture. As far as scaled goes, they both appear to be pretty accurate.
Comparison Conclusion..

In conclusion, Although i have no confirmation from Tamiya that the castings are originals for the 1/48th scale, My common sense and some one on one comparison would definately indicate that these are originals.
Tamiya in its attempt to bring more options to those of us who enjoy 1/48th scale diorama building, brings us this accessories kit that will allow us to recreate a variety of scenes.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:48
  Mfg. ID: 32508
  Suggested Retail: $9.00
  PUBLISHED: May 30, 2005
  NATIONALITY: United States

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