In-Box Review
Pz753(r) mit 7.5 cm KwK40

by: Chad [ GENERALZOD ]

This is a basic review of the PST kit of the PzKpfw.735(r) A Russian KV 1 with a German KwK 7.5 cm L/40 gun I just finished building it in sub-assembly's I will discuss the bulding of the kit as well as my opinion of it


Step 1 the Sub-Assemblies
The kit is molded in a dark gray,kind of like some of the old Tamiya German kits I started by building the lower hull and suspension There was the typical mold lines along the road wheels and idler wheels,but no real problem The only real problem with this step was the drive sprockets
I lined them up per the kit instructions Big mistake The teeth don't line up more on that later I then built the upper hull and turret The gun barrel itself is one piece,but the muzzle brake is two piece That was the only place I used any putty I then washed the sub assemblies and tracks When dry I then primed them It was then painted the next dau using Model Master acrylic dark yellow


The Tracks
Ok the tracks. They are the link and length variety. They are the real suprise of the kit. They went on the suspension with out any problems. Because the sprocket teeth didn't line up properly I cut those part of the teeth off. It's not noticable when the tracks are on I remember when Esci did the link and lenghth on their 1/72 armor and the fit was horrible. I panted the tracks while on the sprues with a brush being careful not to get paint on the gluing spots.

The tracks took me about 1.5 hrs to build up I was watching Time Squad on cartoon network, plus my 4 year old niece was watching and asking questions Really that's what happened


My Opinion
My opinion of the kit is it's not too bad. I was suprised at how well the tracks and the rest of the kit went together. The only exeption was the sprokets, but it's not a real big problem. The decals include two large and two small crosses as well as the 22nd panzer division markings. I'm not sure if I'll use the kit decals as the carrier has a brownish tint to it. For a kit that has come out of Russia it's not bad at all. PST is made in Belarus, Russia I may get back into brail scale again.

I got it from

Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:72
  Mfg. ID: 72027PST
  Suggested Retail: $9.46 U.S.
  PUBLISHED: Oct 10, 2002
  NATIONALITY: United States

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