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M10 and M10A1 Tank Destroyers
U.S. WW II M10 and M10A1 3inch Gun Motor Carriage Tank Destroyers
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


This book is part of Tankograd Publishing Technical Manual Series. These books concentrate on a single vehicle type and goes into great detail for their size. Below is the introduction provided by Tankograd Publishing.

48 pages with 150-200 illustrations, among them WW2 action photos, colour photos and technical drawings.
Illustrated throughout. Excerpts of technical manuals, wartime photos, photos of restored vehicles. Ideal companion for modellers and fans of technology. Complete background history and variants.


This book on the U.S. WW II M10 and M10A1 3inch Gun Motor Carriage Tank Destroyers from Tankograd Publishings is a perfect answer for the modeller who wants to know about the M10 and M10A1 in reasonable detail, or for that matter anyone who has an interest in this vehicle but is on a budget. The book goes into a surprising level of detail for its size covering most aspects that would interest members of our hobby.

Here is the breakdown on the books contents; it starts with;
  • History, Development and Technical Description
    • History and Development
    • Description
    • Major Changes and Improvements
    • Production figures
    • Technical Detail
  • 17pdr M10 S.P. British
  • Drivers Controls and Instruments
  • Engine and Engine Compartment
  • Power train and Suspension
  • Hull
  • Turret and Armament
  • Sighting Equipment and Ammunition
  • M35 Full Track Prime Mover
  • Deep Water Fording Equipment
  • Markings
  • Radio Equipment

The text portion of the book is in English and only covers a couple of pages. Most of the data in the book is passed to the reader in the form of pictures with the accompanying captions providing the needed identifications. The graphics and pictures provided for this purpose are all very clear and should satisfy the needs of most unless you are into the history of the vehicle as this title lends itself very well to the modeller. The detail is in my opinion is more than good enough for even the most demanding scratch builder.

The pictures in the book are for the most part in black and white with only two colour pictures on the inner front cover, these pictures though unlike the rest are not period pictures. Moving passed the small amount of text which really only provides a brief introduction, you are presented with an interesting vehicle line up of a T24, T40, T35, T35E1, and M10. You are then presented with top, left, right, front, and rear views of the M10 and M10A1, and also included is a cutaway. This section is followed by 12 pages containing 36 pictures of the M10 in wartime service with the British and American Armies and also features the M10 in French service up to 1955.

The next 20 pages cover what I think of as the nuts and bolts of the M10. The M10 is covered in considerable detail despite the small number of pages, with great pictures and illustrations providing details inside and out and which should allow for a very detailed and accurate model to be built.

The M35 Full Track Prime Mover is provided with a short introduction, the section is supported with 9 pictures. The 9 pictures should be just about enough for an attempt at scratch building this interesting variant. This is followed by a couple of pages covering Deep Water Fording Equipment and covers the stacks in surprising detail, and covers the installation on the M10. The last couple of pages of the book cover the markings locations on the M10 and the wiring detail for the radios, the layout is supplied via illustrations which also show the radio sets themselves.


The M10 was not a vehicle that really appealed to me as a modeller but this book has changed that, the accurate detail that this book will allow you to add will make for a stunning model. The detail included in this small and very affordable book is excellent, and so I have no choice but to highly recommend this publication to you.
Highs: The book has an incredible level of detail which really caught me by surprise in a good way.
Lows: I do not believe there are any lows.
Verdict: Highly recommended.
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  Mfg. ID: Nr. 6028
  Suggested Retail:  9.90
  PUBLISHED: Jun 24, 2013
  NATIONALITY: United States

Our Thanks to Tankograd Publishing!
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