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by: Rick Cooper [ CLOVIS899 ]


Bags! Bags! Bags! Bags! Bags! Bags! Bags! (sung to the famous Monty Python song, "Spam!")
If you get that reference I guess you are dating yourself somewhat and you probably have a pretty good idea on the contents of this new diorama accessory set from Plus Model!


What we have here is a handy set of bags from Plus Model of the Czech Republic in 1/35 scale. The set comes packaged in a blister pack that has become somewhat standard for these types of sets from Plus Model.


Inside you will find 9 different resin pieces. 7 pieces are individual bags with 1 stacks of 4 sacks and one pile of 3 bags. The resin is the medium gray type that is common for modeling applications. Each of the bags is absolutely flawless, no bubbles, pinholes, broken edges or the like anywhere on any bag.

If you look at the photos you will see that the bags seem to have some kind of lumpy contents (potatoes?). some of the bags look to my eye like 50 pound sacks of beans or coffee. Some of the bags show the effect of gravity on the content with some settling evident. My favorite is one of the free standing bags that has been tied of at the neck but the neck has slumped over for a very natural look.


The only drawback to the set is that the bags seem a bit large for sandbags and the lumpy appearance may rule out that particular usage. The other is the price, I know prices are rising everywhere but nearly 16 USD seemed a bit steep compared to other items in the Plus Model catalog. However, if you need a load for the back of your Maultier or 2 1/2 ton truck this may be just what the doctor ordered, especially combined with a case of Spam!
Highs: Very high quality casting, flawless in every regard. Effect of gravity is evident on many of the bags.
Lows: May be a bit large for sandbags and some may find them a bit pricey.
Verdict: Recommended. Nice set to have on hand to fill in a blank corner or a quick load for a cargo vehicle.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 295
  Suggested Retail: $15.80
  PUBLISHED: Jul 01, 2013

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About Rick Cooper (clovis899)

I have been modeling for about 30 years now. Once upon a time in another century I owned my own hobby shop; way more work than it was worth. I tip my opti-visor to those who make a real living at it. Mainly build armor these days but I keep working at figures, planes and the occasional ship.

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Nice review, Rick. I don't think we need sandbags as much as general purpose ones, so that 1part doesn't bother me. The price does, but Plus Model is pricy.
JUL 02, 2013 - 08:30 AM

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