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Weathering Magazine #5-Mud
Ak Interactive Weathering Magazine Issue 5, Mud
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by: Matt Flegal [ NINJRK ]

The Weathering Magazine returns with an article focused on mud. Hasn't this been done to death? Are there new techniques to learn? Can they ever truly replace Akatsiya Leticia?

After reviewing several of these issues I feel like I need to stop underestimating them. Yet I tend to see the focus of an upcoming issue and wonder that it hasn't been done to death. And then I get the issue and learn a bunch of new stuff. . .

So. . . mud. A staple for armor modelers back to when Shep Paine was writing about mixing paint and plaster dust with dirt from your back yard. What makes this issue worthwhile is that it does two very useful things. First, as has become expected the articles cover a whole variety of different products (mostly AK Interactive's) and techniques. This allows the readers to get a good feel for what products are available and how to best use them. Secondly, much of the issue focuses on wet mud.

That seems like a little thing but I don't think it is. Articles on clumps of dried mud abound but articles on thick, soggy, dripping mud are surprisingly rare. What this issue does is teach some layered techniques that go way beyond putting a gloss finish on a glob of pigments and paint.

Worth noting is that there is also a range of finished looks to the mud in the issue, so the reader can find the effect they most want to reproduce or pieces of different techniques to incorporate into their own style.


Spanish Mudderland by Chris Jerret
Here we get a somewhat lightly weathered Spanish Centauro with some new mud acucmulation on the turret and a thin layer of mud and damp all over. A good choice for a weathered AFV with the paintjob still visible looking like it has come through rain that stopped a few minutes ago using AK Interactive products.

Muddy Ameise Robot by Alexandre Duchamp
This article focuses as much on the muddy base as the robot shows a muddy road that is very nicely done. The puddles and effects of drying mud are also very well done

WWI Stormtrooper by Rick Lawler
The figure actually isn't the focus of the article. The trench is the point of the article and it is a great example of a convincing base. The wood is grimy and weathered and the layering truly sells the idea that this weeks of layers of mud and filth on the walkway and walls.

Wet and Dry on My Leopard 2A5 by Fabrizio Pincelli
An aside, if you will. I love the look of heavy mud and dirt on my models but I also enjoy being able to see the paint scheme. Here we have a tank whose hull, rear turret sides, and muzzle tip are covered in filthy mud with the camouflage pattern clearly visible on the turret. Wet effects along the edges give real richness to the finish and it is very apparent that the artist has carefully observed spray patterns on real tanks.

Mercury Cougar by Clay Kemp
No semi-gloss pristine finishes here! Instead we get mudded up dirt racer. I admire the restraint shown here as the mud is caked in logical areas but the car has not simply been covered. It makes for an attractive finish without looking slopped on.

Splashes & Splatter by John Murphy
Here we have a Challenger 2 tank with a new weapons system installed. The mud is a light coating on a previously dirty/dusty vehicle with the much cleaner add on weapon a nice counterpoint. The weathering is well done and has been combined with color modulation to use the dust to really maximize the 3D look, especially with the dust on the various corners.

A Tiger With Two Tales by Przemo Mrozek
This is an interesting build where the two halves of the Tiger I are painted and weathered to be completely different seasons and environments; Spring in the Soviet steppes and winter in an urban environment.

Mud Over my S.A.F.S. by Lincoln Wright
A 1/20 battle suit is shown walking through a muddy urban environment. The model looks gritty and realistic and the careful application of wet effects gives the suit real life.

Autumn Road by Ruben Gonzalez
Portrays a soaking wet dirt road in the fall, with a wooden structure and tree on a raised embankment. This is a beautiful and convincing scene and the step by step explanation of how to accomplish it is a great primer for a diorama build. Great use of puddles and rivulets as well.

Flames of Weathering by Ruben Torregrosa Hersey
A wargaming model of a Panther trundles by a knocked out T-34. the focus is on a swamped out muddy base and the techniques are applicable in any scale.

Muddy Industrial Locomotive by Marc Reusser
A filthy switcher locomotive is weathered with Gauche water soluble paints. This is interesting as these paints allow manipulation with water for days and weeks after application. Using brushes and airbrush a really ground in effect is achieved that is as realistic as I've seen.

Soviet Spirit by Wu Bayin
Probably the most stylized build in the issue, this article really shines in its emphasis on the mud build-up on the lower hull and running gear. The model looks like it is still in or has just climbed out of a see of thick wet earth.

reference pictures
At the end we get three pages of mud reference photos and four pages of small photos from various contests and shows. The reference photos are nice but I do wish more varieties of terrain had been shown. That said, in this day and age we can simply Google "mud". . .


Over all this issue does what all of the issues have done; clearly explain with great photos a variety of techniques and applications of the issue's subject. As usual, if you are interested in the topic you get an awful lot of content for not much money.

Oh, and Cristiana is indeed lovely. . .
Highs: Extensive coverage using multiple approaches and techniques Lots of content for the money Variety of subjects
Lows: Little discussion of different manufacturers' products I kind of prefer brunettes
Verdict: If you are interested in the topic, it's an excellent value.
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  Mfg. ID: Ak 424
  Suggested Retail: 8 Euros
  PUBLISHED: Aug 11, 2013

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I just have question. Why is there a need to have a half naked blond on in this magazine in the first place? I am assuming they or Mig himself wants to sell more of his magazine. I understand that the girl is Mig's girlfriend. So he is pimping out his girl? Not to sound rude of course but I just think, if you want to see naked girls then buy Playboy or browse the Internet. Sorry, I just do not think it is really necessary for this kind of think in a modelling magazine. I love girls and nice to see them but in a HOBBY magazine??? OK, you guys can hate on me now. BTW, nice review. I am thinking of getting this just for the girl. Actually, there is one article I see that I want to try. It is the STUG stuck in the mud. That is the kind of effect I want to do on my next dio.
APR 02, 2014 - 12:20 AM

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