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Australian Tanker
Austrailian WW2 Tanker - Pacific

by: Alan McNeilly [ ALANL ]


This is the second of my recent purchases from Firestorm Models, their 1/35 scale Australian WW2 Tanker in the Pacific Theater of Operations.

The Figure

The figure is cast in a light grey resin and comes in a double ziploc plastic bag. The bag has a card insert depicting the product and manufacturers details. The figure appeared free from any damage or air bubbles. The card depicts a colour picture of the built and painted figure standing atop a Matilda Tank.

The figure is a standing one, the pose reminds me a lot of the earlier Tamiya tanker who came with their Churchill Tank, right leg bent, leaning forward slightly with the left arm on the hip and the right laid across the right upper thigh.

The figure is cast as a whole body with only separate arms and head to add. You do get a choice of two heads which is nice. The uniform has nice natural folds and creases.

Thew figure appears to be dressed in the 1944 pattern jungle shirt and earlier 1943 redyed KD trousers, although there is a wide variety of uniform that looks similar. Around the waist is a brown leather belt and to complete the uniform the figure wears anklets and Australian style boots.

The arms come with the sleeves rolled up on the shirt, you get two heads, one with a separate slouched hat and one wearing a beret. The head to match the slouched felt hat has nice facial detail, the mouth is open, in a shouting pose and the general detail looks like it will paint up well. The head wearing the beret has a more friendly looking expression on the face. The beret sports a pair of tankers goggles and as with the first offering has excellent detail.

Normal precautions apply when working with resin.


Despite the similarity with the old Tamiya figures I like the option offered by the uniform and choice of heads. I felt the legs were a bit on the thin side, not that there aren't lots of thin people but for me I bulked them out a little with some milliput. Other than that the overall body proportions look to be very acceptable. The general level of sculpting is very good, nice detail and it is excellent to have more choice for Commonwealth troops in the Far East.

I'm not an expert on Australian uniform but I would think it possible to use this chap in a number of settings, and not just as a tanker.

Minimal clean up will be required.

Highs: Excellent detail, and a choice of heads
Lows: I felt the legs were a bit thin.
Verdict: Highly Recommended
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: FS35198
  PUBLISHED: Aug 25, 2013
  NATIONALITY: Australia

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