In-Box Review
sd.kfz 251Replacement Tires 2 Types

by: Robert Beebe [ RBEEBE99 ]

The Kit

With the recent release of so many Sd.kfz 251's , Hussar has timely released one of the most accurate set of 251 tires to date.

What you get: Two pairs of tires cast in a tan colored resin. One pair of the more commonly seen tires that is available in AFV CLub, Dragon and Tamiya kits, with crisp bolt detail on both sides of the rim. The other tread pattern is not commonly seen on models, but is still appropriate for both the 251 and 11. The "uncommon" tire has a nice oval cutout on the rim around the valve stem. Both tires have the tiny bumbs around the small cap on the rim.

Quality: Did I already say these are nice, if I didn't let me tell you again, these are nice. I usally do not get excited about wheels, they mean that I will have to begin the drudgery of assembling the running gear and tracks and all that other stuff I put off. Well these make it a joy. The castings are superb with absolutely no warpage or air bubbles present.

Clean up: There is a small amount of flash which is easily removed with a sharp x-axto or a dull one as it is thin as a hair. The casting block is fairly small and once removed will be almost invisible if placed on the ground.

Assembly: There is not much assembly required except to bore out the locating hole to the proper diameter of the kit you are building.Since I have only built the AFV and Tamiya kits I had to rely on Terry Ashleys review on PMMS he states that all of the kits have slightly different axles so that will determine what size to drill.

Overall my final conclusions are that this set is a welcome addition and very nice for the price.
Extremely well done replacement tires for the sdkfz 251 or 11. In this review we will discuss the quality casting and ease of use.
  CLEAN UP:90%
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35033
  Suggested Retail: $9.99
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  PUBLISHED: Jun 24, 2005

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