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Jupiter 7 ton Truck
The 7 ton 6x6 KHD Jupiter Truck in Modern German Army Service
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


Tankograd Publishing has produced a very large number of titles covering a host of topics and I suspect they have something of interest to most of us. In this one of their latest titles covering the 7 ton 6x6 KHD Jupiter Truck in Modern German Army Service, Tankograd Publishing give us not only a look into the Jupiter truck but also a look into the history of a company few of us could name ‘Magirus-Deutz’. When did you last hear a modeller asking when a company was going to release a Magirus-Deutz, or for that matter anyone really mention the company at all? Well this release from Tankograd publishing may change that as this company has been going since 1864 under the name Magirus initially until they merged with Klockner-Humboldt-Deutz (KHD) in 1936.


Just incase you have never looked at a Tankograd Publishing book before this book as with a lot of Tankograd Publishing books is duel language, having German text on the left hand side of the page and English text on the right. The book has 64 pages 9 of which is text. which doesn’t sound a lot, but there is plenty of information there. There are 69 colour pictures, 71 black and white pictures, and 36 graphics.

When I first saw this book the only Jupiter I was aware of regarding the military was the missile and in the wider context the planet, however if you were like me don’t let that put you off picking up a copy of this book as it makes for a good read; covering the Magirus-Deutz company from their earliest days to the current day. The company’s history takes up the initial pages of the book and covers there history from 1864 to 1954. The company started life making fire fighting equipment and it was 1916 before trucks got a look in followed by buses from 1919, the expression ‘they have their fingers in a lot of pies’ never applied more.

World War Two saw the company begin by supplying the German army with 2.5ton and 3 ton trucks, one variant of which was the Maultier, and the war ended with the company repairing and upgrading trucks for the U.S. Military. The predecessor to the Jupiter was the LKW 7t gl 4x4 KHD A 6500 produced from 1956, and while a truck this also was modified into a vehicle reminiscent of the companies earliest products; a fire engine amongst other duties and this vehicle also gets a look in.

The Jupiter truck starts being covered from page 9 with 16 variants listed; other than a tank transporter is there any task this little truck has not performed? Well let’s see they have been troop transports, cargo transports, dump trucks, foam fire fighting tenders, tractor units, winch vehicles, fuel bowser, 4 ton crane, and even a multiple rocket launcher vehicle; Why have we not seen various versions of this truck in model form? The engineering diagrams of the vehicle in various configurations would make for a great starting place for any manufacturer looking to produce many of the variants of this truck, or for the more skilled scratch builders out there..

The book goes into written detail on a number of areas of this vehicle which are;
  • Frame and Mounts
  • Engine and Gearbox
  • Axles
  • Brakes
  • Steering
  • Winch
  • Towing hitch
  • Crew Cab
  • Cargo Bay

After the text in this section the book goes onto diagrams and pictures of various areas of the vehicle, and includes ancillary equipment. The book now moves onto the Jupiter in its various forms in active service, this area of the book is strictly pictorial with duel language descriptions. Two pictures of an Artillery ammunition carrier made a part of me squeak as the guns crew ride on top of the ammunition on benches, there is something about that which is not natural and if it were me i think it would be a case of “the gun position is two miles that way. No that’s ok I will walk, I will be there in 30 minutes”.


Considering this book covers a vehicle I had never heard of previously I found it a very interesting book to read and look at the pictures. The history of the company while condensed was also of interest due to the companies progression from a fire fighting equipment manufacturer to truck and bus production, and then for a number of their trucks to revert back to fire fighting vehicles and tenders. The pictures are clear and plentiful and the text is enough to be interesting to the casual reader while still imparting a fair amount of information. Considering my initial thoughts when I looked at the cover of this book Tankograd Publishing did a fantastic job of not only catching my attention with this title but also holding it throughout with all the duties this truck has performed, Just like New York I had to read it twice, a sterling job.
Highs: Great book dedicated to I believe a little known truck by most. Good pictures and very well written text held my attention.
Lows: Not often I can say this but NONE in my opinion.
Verdict: A great little book.
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  PUBLISHED: Sep 11, 2013

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