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Eagle IV
The Eagle IV Wheeled Armoured Vehicle in Modern German Army Service
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


With the number of Western Armies involved in conflicts in the Middle East there has been a call to upgrade a large number of vehicle types. Western Armies have proved very successful when it comes to the conventional ground combat in the Middle East, and having more or less un-contested control of the skies. After short periods of traditional conflict the soldiers of the West have been utilised as a police force to help get the various countries back on their feet and train their armed forces. In steps the indigenous forces to harass and disrupt their efforts.

It is a background of improvised explosive devices; the favourite weapon of the indigenous forces that has called for rapid advancements in mine resistant vehicles. Tankograd Publishing has provided a book covering one of these vehicles in use with the German armed forces the Eagle IV. The Eagle IV is a four wheel drive vehicle that provides the same services as the British Army’s Land Rovers but with the added advantage of being armoured.


Just in case you have never looked at a Tankograd Publishing book before this book as with a lot of Tankograd Publishing books is duel language, having German text on the left hand side of the page and English text on the right. The book has 64 pages 8 of which is text. There are also 135 colour pictures between its covers.

The text begins unsurprisingly enough at the beginning; covering the vehicles design and development prior to being accepted and issued to the troops. There is a large quantity of technical data here covering thing like the ballistic glass being designed to stop a 7.62 bullet. Something in here is a surprise in that the Eagle IV is not an upgraded Eagle III as it is a completely new design. The text then begins again a little further into the book and covers the primary role of the Eagle IV as a patrol security vehicle. There is again a lot of information on the vehicles abilities and survivability. There is also a small amount of information here covering the crew compartment of the vehicle.

The book after a series of pictures looks at the Command vehicle variant of the Eagle IV; this section looks at the external differences between the command vehicle and other variants of the vehicle with the easiest way of identifying the vehicle being the absence of a front mounted winch. There are also a lot of military acronyms in this area which while explained does mean you tend to bounce about a bit when reading the text. The next text section of the book covers the mobile physician’s group vehicle which I believe everyone else would refer to as a field ambulance; however this variant of the Eagle IV is very well designed and equipped for the task. While only having room for one casualty there is a considerable amount of patient monitoring equipment; my only concern would be the ability of the medic to work on the casualty in the confined space. That said if you were injured i am sure you would be glad to see this vehicle coming towards you. The text in the book finishes with a quick look at Eagle V, and I suspect a future release from Tankograd Publishing will cover it in more detail.

The pictures in this book from Tankograd Publishing are of a very high quality, and which show the Eagle IV in all of its guises. The command variant will attract the most attention I suspect as along with external detail shots there is a good selection of very high quality interior pictures. To my knowledge there is only a 1/72nd scale model available of this vehicle at present but I am sure this book will allow you to add extra detail to your build.


This book from Tankograd Publishing covers an interesting vehicle currently in service with the German Army, and which I suspect someone will release in 1/35th scale soon to keep the 1/72nd scale model company. The images in the book are well selected providing an excellent visual guide to this vehicle. The text provides an insight into its uses while not being so deep as to feel like an instruction booklet for your latest electrical gadget purchase. If modern wheeled military vehicles or the modern German is of interest to you then this book will continue to expand that interest, and should be a considered purchase.
Highs: Great images inside and out of the vehicle covering all variants.
Lows: With no models currently available in 1/35th scale the book will be of limited use at this time but is still worth picking up for future reference.
Verdict: Typical Tankograd and another worthwhile title for your library.
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  PUBLISHED: Sep 13, 2013

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