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Militar Fahrzrug 4/2013
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


This is the final magazine this year for this quarterly publication from Tankograd Publishing. This magazine unlike most others is only published in German but features a number of articles that should appeal to a large number of modellers. This publication from Tankograd Publishing does not cover a specific vehicle, combat zone, or time period but taken as a whole covers vehicles from World War one to the current day.


As stated in the introduction this publication is now printed in German only due to having become financially unviable to print in duel language, this is a pity as there is a great deal of information available covering a very broad number of interests. The publication is printed on a good quality glossy paper and has 56 pages which is not bad for a less than €10. In the magazine this time the Marder 1A5A1 gets a sizeable feature to itself with some excellent ref pictures, and despite there being only 10 pictures in the article there is a lot of the vehicle covered. The second short article takes a look at the ever popular Leopard tank, this time around its the Leopard 2 and its skirts that gets looked at. In the British Army these skirts at the front and sides are used to reduce the amount of dust kicked up by the vehicle making it harder to spot, easier for the crew to see, and also reduces the work the air filters have to do.

The next section takes a look at Panzerjägerabteilung (Sfl) 228 and is where not being able to read the text was annoying as the pictures consisting primarily of Marders with some good pictures of destroyed tanks. One picture that really caught my eye and I would have liked to read about is an M3 Grant Beutepanzer, part of the reason this one caught my eye is it looks to be in Europe and I was not aware the Grant got any further than North Africa. The fourth main feature looks at the M1 Abrams ABV Breacher in service with the US Army and US Marines and which I know is one of those holy grail models. Anyone scratching one of these impressive looking vehicles has to get a copy of this publication from Tankograd Publishing, your finished model will thank you.

The next feature looks at one of Great Britain’s biggest and best exports the Centurion tank. The Centurion was built as an answer to the German armour of World War Two, it was however too late to take part in that conflict but it did however see plenty of action in its long career and with several countries that used it. This is followed by the Jägerregiment 1 which takes a look at some of the vehicles in use with the German Army today and I believe the changes that are occurring now that East and West are no longer facing each other to see who is going to blink first. Ford gets a look in with the NATO-Ziege - LKW 3 t gl Ford G 398 SAM. The closing feature will keep the Leopard fans happy again with a look at the hardware of the Swiss Army. I know the thought of the Leopard makes a number of you gooey eyed and there is a fair selection of other armoured vehicles that get a look in here with the Piranha well represented as well as the engineering vehicles. The book itself comes to a close with a roundup of museums and events that have taken place over the summer, with perhaps the biggest event being the War and Peace show that took place for the first time in its new location.


The magazine/ book from Tankograd Publishing may now only be printed in German, but that does not alter the fact that that its reference value in the pictures alone could make this an absolute must have regardless of what language or languages you speak. In this release the Breacher article is a must for anyone with an interest in how the Americans do it, and while a gun tank is good these breaching vehicles just grab your attention and hold it. I highly recommend that you get hold of a copy of this publication after all what does €10 buy these days.
Highs: For me the Breeching vehicles in various set up really caught my attention.
Lows: The fact it is no longer printed in English.
Verdict: Well worth picking at this price.
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  Mfg. ID: Nr. 4-2013
  Suggested Retail: €8.95
  PUBLISHED: Sep 19, 2013

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Hi Darren, the article on Panzerjägerabteilung(Sfl.) 228 is from the memories of Mr. Justin Jordan, who served as a 19-year old in Russia. The "Grant" tank is an M3 Lee from Lend-Lease. HTH Hans-Hermann
OCT 14, 2013 - 03:47 AM
Thank you for that information Hans.
OCT 14, 2013 - 05:44 AM

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