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M134D 3000 round magazine
M134D Spare 3000 Round Vehicle Magazine with Booster Assembly
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by: Mario Krajinovic [ MARIO_HR ]


The Dillon Aero M134D is an electrically powered, six barreled, Gatling type, small caliber, defense suppression weapon capable of fixed firing rates of either 3,000 or 4,000 shots per minute (the muzzle velocity of an M134D Standard Barrel firing NATO 7.62mm Ball is 2750 Fps /-). That equals 50 shots per second. No other 7.62 MM weapon comes close to this rate of fire. Why is shooting fast important? Because only fast guns such as the M134D can achieve the extreme shot density needed to suppress multiple targets in compressed periods of time. More importantly, fast guns are more accurate than slower firing weapons.

The M134D is a modular system, allowing easy adaptation to any existing platform. This flexibility allows it to perform equally well in the fixed-forward fire or crew served mode. It is simple to load and easy to maintain. The M134D is currently deployed worldwide for convoy escort, border patrol, and VIP protection. In the naval role Gatling guns are employed in the force protection role on board the US and Royal Navy blue water fleet, and as fire support weapons on Special Operations boats. However, it is in the helicopter that the M134D is most often found. It is used throughout the world, employed by the US Army, US Navy, US Marine Corps, US Air Force, the United Kingdom, Bahrain, Jordan, and Colombia.

The minigun is designated M134 in U.S. Army service. In the Navy and Air Force, it is designated GAU-2/A on a fixed mount and GAU-17/A on a flexible mount.

The review

This is a review of Live Resin’s latest offering in 1/35 scale: M134D Spare 3000 Round Vehicle Magazine with Booster Assembly [LRE-35108].

Dillon offers a wide range of high capacity magazines for the M134 Gatling Gun, ranging in size from 3,000 rounds to 4,000 rounds capacity. Large capacity magazines have been a traditional source of weapon malfunctions. These magazines are divided into two compartments creating twin ammunition bays. Each bay is divided with a single half-height baffle or, one half-height baffle and two smaller sub baffles. These baffles serve to control the ammunition, preventing the tucking and cartridge interlocking that is the cause of most magazine jams. Not only does this simple design radically reduce magazine induced gun jams, it also makes magazine loading very fast and easy. Loading is accomplished by laying a continuous belt of ammunition from end to end, across the baffle. When the first bay is full, the belt is fed into the crossover section of the magazine and then into the second bay.

The Booster Assembly provides the extra push necessary for moving ammunition over longer distances found in certain applications. It mounts directly on top of the magazine lid and powers the ammunition before it enters the feed chute. The Narrow Profile Booster design emphasizes economy of space. The booster motor is positioned above the booster housing and has a footprint no wider than the magazine. Dillon's Booster assembly is designed to accommodate all standard 7.62 NATO ammunition including SLAP and blank rounds.

Live Resin products come in a standard zip-lock plastic bag clamped in a cardboard 3D box-art. The front image is showing the parts layout, while the back image illustrates the optional resin accessories released for this weapon system.

The set includes 3 3000 round spare ammo boxes and 3 separate booster assemblies. The molding blocks holding the ammo boxes are numbered 35108A while the boosters are numbered 35108B. Like always, the casting is as superb. There are no imperfections, bubbles, no flash or any other types of defects in this sample. The molding stubs are thin and you will not have to worry about removing the parts from the plugs, or sanding anything off.

The ammo boxes are perfectly square and feature rivet details, thin carrying handles on both sides and the top loading part. Everything is very sharp and looks really the part. The booster assembly is a complex mechanism and will look great once painted and weathered appropriately.


Another success from Live Resin. These are the best and sharpest boxes for a lot of M134 systems out there. Accuracy wise, the mag boxes are perfect. Nothing wrong shape wise either. Use them for all kinds of models or gather them in a bunch and show off your entire arsenal. Simplicity is the name of the game here – simple assembly, simple paint job – great effect. These will look great once you pair them with the flexible ammo chutes also available from LR. The more I see of these modular releases of Live Resin the more I get thinking of what I can use them with. They are very handy to upgrade your models. Recommended.
Highs: Simple assembly, great detail
Lows: None
Verdict: Very useful in your M134 weapon setup. Also compatible with a lot of other LR releases so this one is a no brainer - very recommended.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: LRE-35108
  Related Link: Manufacturers product page
  PUBLISHED: Nov 12, 2013
  NATIONALITY: United States

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