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U.S. WWII M1 and M1A1 Wreckers
U.S. WWII Ward LaFrance and Kenworth M1 and M1A1 Heavy Wreckers
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


This is the second book in the ‘technical manual series’ to be released by Tankograd Publishing in their latest batch of releases. This book takes a look at the Ward LaFrance and Kenworth M1 and M1A1 Heavy Wreckers during World War Two.

The ‘technical manual series’ books from Tankograd Publishing are printed with English text only. The book consists of 48 pages not including the cover; the books contents are printed on a good quality gloss paper and the cover is colour printed on a gloss heavy duty card. The text in this offering only covers 2 pages but has more than enough content in my opinion for the modeller who is interested, the captions that accompany each and every picture provide additional information so take the time to read them. The pictures are for the most part in black and white with the exception of three images in colour printed on the inside of the front and back cover.

The text in the book as touched on previously is very light but breaks down as follows;
The manufacturers
This provides a very short history to the Ward LaFrance Truck corporation and Kenworth Motor Truck Corporation.
This look at the use of various vehicles used in the Heavy Wrecker role during World War Two and provides links to other Tankograd Publishing titles where applicable.
This looks specifically at the role Ward LaFrance and Kenworth M1 and M1A1 Heavy Wreckers performed and provides some data on specifics of the vehicles.
Difference between Models
This section looks not only at the difference between Ward LaFrance and Kenworth vehicles but also series in the case of Ward LaFrance and model number in the case of Kenworth. This breaks down as;
  • Ward LaFrance Model 1000 series 1
  • Ward LaFrance Model 1000 series 2
  • Ward LaFrance Model 1000 series 3
  • Ward LaFrance Model 1000 series 4
  • Ward LaFrance Model 1000 series 5
  • Kenworth model 570 and 571
  • Kenworth model 572
  • Kenworth model 573
  • Class 155 Fire Crash Truck

U.S. Army Registration Numbers (1941 – may 1945)
This section provides registration data on all of the vehicles listed in the ‘Difference between Models’ section which I believe will be of great help to those modellers who believe in including as much accurate data as possible in their builds.

There is a technical data sheet for both manufacturers’ vehicles which provides a fair amount of dimensional data.

I have said previously that I consider these books as easy reference titles and this book highlights why I consider that perfectly. The rest of the book is handed of entirely to photographs and prints; these are the type of book that even if you cannot read there is a huge amount of data you can obtain from the pictures with in. The pictures are all in focus and provide not only the usual all-round pictures but great pictures of the vehicles in action, at rest, and performing various tasks. Regarding these pictures I believe as a modeller these pictures will get the creative juices flowing and perhaps encourage more of us to tackle a diorama. The technical drawings/prints and the pictures cover;
  • Deep water fording equipment
  • Cab interior, controls and instruments
  • Engine, power train and suspension
  • Cab, body and equipment
  • Crane and winches


A great little easy reference book on the Ward LaFrance and Kenworth M1 and M1A1 Heavy Wreckers, and the price is very reasonable as well. I am sure there are other books out there covering these vehicles but as a modeller I would say it provides everything you could realistically need as regards a model.
Highs: Great pictures that should provide not only lots of accurate data but will also provide some excellent display ideas.
Lows: Light on text.
Verdict: Highly recommended.
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  Suggested Retail: €9.9o
  PUBLISHED: Nov 25, 2013
  NATIONALITY: United States

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