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Rust & Chipping Effects
Rust & Chipping Effects Acrylic Airbrush Colors Set
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by: Todd Michalak [ TRM5150 ]


For years Acrylicos Vallejo has consistently provided us with a huge selection of quality made paints and effect. The Rust & Chipping Effects Set is one of their newest creations. This set contains eight 17ml bottles geared to one-stop rusting and chipping.

The box contents

  • 1 – 70.605 Primer German Red Brown RAL 8012
  • 1 – 71.042 Camo Black Brown
  • 1 – 71.080 Rust
  • 1 – 71.129 Light Rust
  • 1 – 71.130 Orange Rust
  • 1 – 71.033 Yellow Ochre
  • 1 – 70.520 Matt Varnish
  • 1 – 73.214 Chipping Medium
  • A 2-page, 10 step instruction sheet


I have to say that we truly do live in the “Golden Age of Modelling” Not only do we have more incredibly detailed kits and manufacturers to choose from but more paints and set of paints as well! While we all still either purchase individual colors that we like from numerous companies or simply mix our own from what we have in our stash the common goal is to find a set of colors to make up a game plan when going to paint a model.

These all-inclusive paint sets, like the Rust & Chipping Effects set, are an excellent choice from a modelling standpoint. There are sets out there that are surmountable to buying a CD (Compact Disc – a small round plastic disc that music used to be sold on…LOL) whereas someone buying the CD for one or two songs hoping to find the rest of the album is good, only to discover…not so much! Across the board, the Rust & Chipping Effects is not in my opinion.

Paint sort of speaks for itself for the most part; needs to be thinned, doesn’t need to be thinned, right color, wrong color and so on. Each one of the components of this set, can stand on their own but it is when they come together that they can truly show their worth and we can all agree that value plays a big part in what we do along with ease to which we do it; building models!

When following the 2-page instruction sheet provided with this set any modeler from the novice to expert can follow along easily by the short written explanation or by the color photos supplied. These are basic highlighting and shading techniques and serve only as a guideline to the process. Using your own approach or style is always the best way to go; however, following the step by step instruction provides a solid starting point to Chipping and Rusting.

The paints

The primer included with this set is Vallejo’s Surface Primer 70.605 Primer German Red Brown RAL 8012. This is not only used as a primer to seal the model but adds a color base for the project. The Red Brown can deepen the color range of the paints that are being used, depending on how thin the coats are as well as being a primary shade in metals and rusting metals alike.

As with most applications, starting with the darker colors moving to the lighter shades is usually the process. 71.042 Camo Black Brown is the first color to be used. The Camo Black Brown is the same color used to add chipping effects when weathering a model. The Model Air version is a bit thinner as it is designed for the airbrush which the end result is somewhat the same; a dark old rust effect seen in and on sections of metal as they slowly rust.

The next two colors, 71.080 Rust & 71.129 Light Rust are close in shade. These will add variation to the rusting application. The idea is not to completely cover the Camo Black Brown but rather highlight away from corners and edges in a somewhat random approach.

The 71.130 Orange Rust is used last over the prior rust color applications. This is great for highlighting randomly. It is best to search for photographs of rusting in the real world. Rust acts differently depending on the metal, how thin the metal, environmental conditions and more. A little research goes a long way in reproducing a natural rust finish.

Next up, following the instruction is the 71.033 Yellow Ochre. This is a Model Air color as well and can be applied with an air brush; however, with the application using the sponge technique depth can be added to the subject piece. Simply dampen a piece of sponge (not supplied with the kit), dab the sponge onto a paper towel a couple of times to remove excess paint and then lightly sponge the areas that you want the color applied to. Typically this color might be to the edges of a high heat area such as on mufflers or burnt metal. Again, a random approach to applying works well.

In using any chipping method the use of a clear coat sealer is advised to protect the work you have done up and to that point. This set supplies Vallejo’s 70.520 Matt Varnish to seal the rusting at this point. This Matt Varnish dries dead-flat and being a resin based varnish, will be unaffected by the next applications in this process.

On to the chipping part of the Rust & Chipping Effects set. Similar to the hairspray technique, the 73.214 Chipping Medium supplied in this kit is provides and “active seal” between the clear coat surface before applications of any base color paint. “Active Seal as this prevents any paint from binding with the clear coat surface so the chipping part can be done. The Chipping Medium is applied via airbrush or paintbrush depending on how large of an area that you are working with. For a more pin point chipping, a paintbrush can be used but the airbrush is an easier approach. Lay down a good coat as if you were applying a clear coat to the model. The consistency of the Chipping Medium is unlike paint or even the clear coat as it is a bit thicker and will appear wet as it sits on the model. Any thicker consistency does not affect the surface or change the appearance of what you have done so far. The Chipping Medium dries with a satin appearance; this will aid in the chipping process next to come.

Once the Chipping Medium dries quickly on the surface, the next step can be started. This is the application of a top coat of paint. The box and instructions depict Russian green for the next step. This set does not include any paint for your top coat. This makes sense as the rusting set will work universally with any top coat color of your choosing. Next, paint the surface as you would normally. I have chosen two colors from Vallejo’s Model Air line of paints but as I mentioned any paint brand and/or color pretty much will do; allow drying.

The next step will take a bit of practice if you are unfamiliar with and chipping methods. Various tools can be used in this process; brushes, toothpicks, cotton swabs (buds) and more. Take a flat brush damp, not wet, with water and apply to the surface of the painted are where the Chipping Medium has been applied.

One note: It is probably best to use distilled or filtered water for this stage of the process. Due to varying water supplies, standard tap water may react a bit differently with the surface paints. Boiled tap water (cooled) will do as a substitute for filtered or distilled water.

After the application of the water to the surface, wait a few seconds and approach the chipping method. With a tiny stiff brush start anywhere and work the surface with various light actions; stippling, pushing, and rubbing work well. With a cotton swab you can lightly rub across the outside corners or centers of panels removing paint to your liking all revealing the rusting affects you previously applied. By using a soft toothpick, sharpened or otherwise, you can apply tiny scratches to the paint easily. With a little practice you will be able to obtain a realistic layered look to the model you are working on.

Once the chipping is completed and the surface paint has had the chance to cure properly, you should add another clear coat using the Matt Varnish to protect the entire project. This is advisable as any areas with the Chipping Medium on it will appear with a satin finish and the Matt Varnish with flatten this giving you a uniform sealing coat.


Personally I am drawn to the painting and weathering end of modelling so any set that helps make a process easier and more efficient is always welcome. The Rust & Chipping Effects Acrylic Airbrush Colors Set from Vallejo is just one of those sets. Everything needed to create a realistic rusty surface to any model is all in here. You do not need to use all the colors provided in this set depending on your individual application but they are all there when you need them. From a value point of view, the primer and paints can be used in any application not only with the Chipping Medium as well as the Matt Varnish can be used on any paint job. This set provides consistency to adding rust effects to any model either by following the step by step provided instructions or when going rogue and changing up the process to personalize your rust. I highly recommend the set to anyone interested in adding the effects of rust and chipping paint to their models. The price is more than reasonable if you take into consideration purchasing each of the eight bottles included in the set outright. The suggested retail for this set is around $29.99 US; however, this set can be found for less with little searching.
Highs: This is a quality, all-inclusive rust set with the Chipping Medium provided to aid with the chipped paint effects desired by some modelers at a reasonable price.
Lows: Nothing to add at this time.
Verdict: I feel this is a great set for anyone interested in adding rusting effects to their builds. The value of the set is only outweighed by the quality of the paints. This is an excellent tool to add to any bench.
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  Mfg. ID: Ref.71.186
  Suggested Retail: $29.99 US
  PUBLISHED: Dec 08, 2013

Our Thanks to Vallejo Acrylics!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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I am building what I like, when I like and how I like it; having fun doing it. I have been building and finishing models on and off my whole life but the past ten years things really exploded. Just about anything goes when it comes to hitting the bench, but wrecked armor, rusted hulks, ships or ...

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Hi Todd, the earlier photos in the review must be from Vallejo, but are the later photos, from image 13 (the bottle of Surface Primer) by you? I'm not being funny, just wondering; the effect produced looks great, whether you did it or not!
DEC 10, 2013 - 01:13 AM
Hi Matt, Thanks! Pics 3 thru 11 are pictures I took of the instructions. All others are what I made up for the yes, my work. With any luck, the muffler will work out nicely on my FT-17!
DEC 10, 2013 - 02:39 AM
great review!
DEC 11, 2013 - 06:30 AM
Thank you very much Graeme!!
DEC 11, 2013 - 07:02 AM
WOW Todd, AWESOME Review!!! I want this set.....C'mon Santa!!
DEC 12, 2013 - 03:53 AM
LOL...One of the better all inclusive sets I have seen in a while Gary! The price is not bad considering what each costs individually. I am in the Rust/Scrap Campaign in the General section, so I think I might be playing around a bit more with these and see what I can work out!!
DEC 12, 2013 - 05:35 AM

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