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Case Yellow - German Armour
Case Yellow - German Armour in the Invasion of France 1940
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by: Alan McNeilly [ ALANL ]


Produced in co-operation with the Oliver Publishing Group, ADH Publishing have just released a new publication in their Firefly collection. This volume, No 5, is entitled Case Yellow or Aufmarschanweisung Nr. 4 Fall Gelb the code name for the operation and covers German Armour used in the invasion of France during 1940. The book is A4 format and consists of 36 pages in full glossy magazine mode.


Page 2 covers a long list of acknowledgements to those who contributed to the overall content and the 3rd paragraph sums up the purpose of the book nicely.

Quote: “The illustrations in this book were all created using contemporary photographs as a reference and we have attempted to present as faithfully a reproduction as possible. - …”.Unquote

The book was written by Dennis Olive and Illustrated by Laurent Le Cocq and Dennis Oliver.

Opening the Pages

From the modellers point of view references in the form of paint and camouflage schemes start as soon as you open the cover. On the reverse of this page is a plate showing a Pzkw III ausf E of 2 Kompanie, Panzer regiment 2, 1 Panzer Division in camouflage scheme of Grey and Brown. Page 1 opens with a ¾ page map of the borders of Germany/Belgium/France showing the disposition of Heergruppe A, B and C, prior to the outbreak of hostilities. This is followed by a short text outlining the German plan for the invasion.

Page 2 and 3 show contemporary black and white photographs of a number of vehicle types each picture about half a page in size. Page 4 shows the make up of each of the 10 Panzer Divisions in 1940 and Page 5 displays and interesting table of tank strengths for May 1940. Pages 6 to 10 take us back to more black and white contemporary references. Each photograph is accompanied where possible with a short explanatory text, pointing out any significant markings or features on the vehicle.

Moving on to page 11 which leads one into the first of 13 pages of vehicle markings and paint schemes. On the bottom of page 11 is a short text explaining the formation signs, and their allocation to Panzer units during this period. Pages 11 to 22 cover a range of vehicles from the Pzkw I, II, III (ausf E/F), IV (ausf C/D), 38(t) and their camouflage and vehicles markings. Also included in these colour references are examples of the marking for the 8.8mm Flak L/56 (Sfl) auf Zugkarftwagon 12t Sdkfr * Bufla, Sdkfz 7 mittler Zugkraftwagen 8t, about 38 plus colour references.

Pages 23 to 27 contain more black and white contemporary photographs with page 28 and 29 entitled Snapshots from the Front showing another 6 black and white pictures of the period. Page 30 shows an original establishment document covering Heeresgruppe A, B and C. Page 31 contains a map showing the German advance by 21 May 1940 and another ½ page reference picture. Page 32 has yet more contemporary reference pictures and page 33 finished off with 3 colour marking and paint options for a Sturmgeschutz ausf A.

The front and rear covers are nicely presented to give the flavour of the book and it’s modelling connection.


I am not an expert on Germany Armour but this reference book would appear to provide excellent data for the modeller. I like the focus on a specific campaign, and many of the reference pictures could form the basis for a nice display. Focused on the marking and paint schemes of the main heavy armoured vehicles for this campaign it will be a very useful reference and should contain much of the data one would need to produce a decent German armoured vehicle modelled for this period.

The quality of the publication is excellent and given the range of acknowledgements the content is most likely to be as accurate as current knowledge allows. A useful reference for both Axis and Allied modellers and for those who wish to model diorama and small scenes for this period of the 2nd World War.

As a quick reference to the overall German strategy for invasion of France the book sums this up nicely in the brief texts included in the publication. The maps, charts and tables add additional useful information, giving one a decent overview and context of the campaign and strength and deployment of the German Armoured Forces.
Highs: Excellent quality printing and a god range of vehicle reference markings.
Lows: None.
Verdict: Highly Recommended.
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  Mfg. ID: ADH Publishing 2013
  PUBLISHED: Dec 16, 2013
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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