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To The Last Bullet
To The Last Bullet Germany’s War on 3 Fronts Part 2 – Italy
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by: Alan McNeilly [ ALANL ]


ADH Publications, in co-operation with the Oliver Publishing Group have just released To The Last Bullet - Part 2 covering the Italian Campaign. The publication was written by Cladue Gillono and Illustrated by Dennis Oliver and is part of the Firefly Collection this one being No 6.

The book covers camouflage and markings for the main German Armoured units involved in the campaign along with charts and texts. The book is in A4 Glossy magazine format and consists of 33 page.

The book is laid out in the standard Firefly format consisting of short texts, half page period photographs, charts/establishment table and colour plates of various vehicle markings.


Pages 1 and 2 give a very brief over of the campaign in Italy, and the deployment of German Armoured units at specific times during the campaign. The texts will give a starting point for those wishing to research further but are too short to contain more than very basic detail.

Page 3 shows German AFV strength between August to September 1943 laid out in table format.

Pages 4 to 10 show ½ page photographs of a good selection of period photographs. What’s interesting in this book is that from page 1 to 10 both vehicles in German use and those abandoned are featured. This means that many of the photographs show them being inspected by British and American troops or Allied troops passing by which will be excellent references for diorama builders.

Pages 11 to 22 show the camouflage and marking for a good range of German Armour during this period. These plates are in colour and accompanied by useful texts on each example shown.

Page 23 shows a table of AFV Allocations – Infantry Formations from 1943 to 1945 and page 24 shows AFV Strength in January 1944. Again both useful quick reference guides.

Pages 25 to 28 continue with more ½ page period photographs and page 29 gives a text and chart of Butepanzer – Captured Italian Armoured Vehicles pressed into service.

Page 30 and 31 continue with more ½ page photographs and texts and page 32 shows a table of AFV replacements during 1943 to 1945.

The final page has more colour representations of German Armoured vehicles.


To the Last Bullet keeps to the standard Firefly Collection format. A short informative publication with lots of useful data and painting and marking references.

The black and white ½ page and sometimes ¾ page period photographs and texts are of generally good quality and the mix of vehicles covers most of the German Armour used in the Italian Campaign. Many of the pictures show vehicles in Allied hands after having been abandoned so whether you’re an Axis or Allied Modeller there should be good inspiration and detail for you in this publication.

The colour plates cover marking for Pzkw IV ausf H, Pzkw III Flampanzer ausf M, Stermgeschutz III ausf G, Pzkw IV ausf G, Panzerbeobachtungswagon III, Pzkw ausf N, Befehlspanzerwagon V Panther ausf A,Pzkw IV ausf H, Pzkw VI ausf E Tiger, 8.8cm Pak 43/1 Sdkfz 164 Nashorn, Sdkfz 251/1 ausf D, Sturmhaubize 42 ausf G, and Jagpanzer IV.

Each photograph and plate is accompanied by a short text given known details about the vehicles or markings, both these and the short opening introduction give good starting points for further research.

Another useful publication from the Firefly Collection, produced in a user friendly format.

Highs: Good quality photographs and reference plates
Lows: I would have liked more detail in the opening introductory outline
Verdict: Highly Recommended
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  PUBLISHED: Dec 30, 2013

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Hi Darren, and for getting this one up too. Al
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