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SS Tankman - Winter painting
SS Tankman - Winter painting set-2
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by: Engin Kayral [ GRAYWOLF ]


During the winter months on the Eastern Front, Germans painted their vehicles in white to conceal them from the enemy. They used water-based white paint which can be easily removed or
wash itself away with spring rains. These temporary overcoats were applied in various ways, using a spray gun, brush, broom, or rag, depending upon the resources of the vehicle’s crew.

Because of limited supply of paint, non-combat vehicles were not painted and only the visible parts of combat vehicles were painted in white keeping the markings in original base color. White would mix with dirt causing it to turn a muddy color. In time, the winter painted tanks would look quite motley with portions of the white worn or washed off, the underlying color revealed, and lots of dirt and streaky mud effects.
After EM-35089 - SS Tankman carrying paint bucket, Evolution Miniatures released second figure of the series EM-35091. The kit includes an SS Tankman posed to paint the vehicle.

Figure comes well packed in a cardboard box labeled with a painted photo of the figure. Parts are inserted into seperate zip-lock bags ; one for the body part and another for the rest.

Sculpted by Sergey Traviansky in crisp details, it comes in 5 grey resin parts. Sculpting quality is very good and casting is flawless. No air bubbles , excess resin or visible seamlines. A fast sanding on the slightly visible seamline on the right arm, then figure is ready to be primed.
  • Body : Over his turtleneck sweater, he wears a German Reversible Parka. Besides cloth folds, details like hood, draw string, two flapcover side pockets with buttons are well defined. He carries a leather belt with metal buckle on his waist and a Luger Holster is cast on the left back.
    He has a winter padded Reversible Trousers with front flap cover and two flapcover side pockets. Parka is painted in Oak leaf pattern and trousers in white as the reverse side on the boxart but it can be changed due to painter’s choice. As for the footgear, he has jack boots.
  • Head : He wears a M-40 sidecap with carefully sculpted Eagle and Totenkopf insignia. Facial details and hair are well defined.
  • Arms : Cloth folds and Woolen Knit Gloves are well defined. Right arm is to posed painting with a brush and left arm is posed to carry a paint bucket.
  • Bucket : I think Sergey understood the bucket on the first figure was really fragile and changed it to a different one with stronger ears. Handle can be done making small holes or using wire as seen on the last photo on the right column.
  • Piece of thin copper wire to make the bucket handle.

    The following websites can be useful when painting this figure.
    - Panzerworld
    - LSSAH

    A nice posed figure that can be used next to many German vehicles in winter scenes. It will make a good combination with 35089 and also 35088 kits of the company. Sculpt and cast are top quality as always.

    Highly Recommended
    Highs: Nice posing,sculpt and cast. Ease on assembly with less parts.
    Lows: No lows for this one. Glad to see problem on the bucket of first kit is solved.
    Verdict: A rare figure with his posing of painting his tank.
    Percentage Rating
      Scale: 1:35
      Mfg. ID: EM-35091
      PUBLISHED: Jan 25, 2014
      NATIONALITY: Germany
      THIS REVIEWER: 92.20%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 94.44%

    Our Thanks to Evolution Miniatures!
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