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German Medical Set
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by: Roman [ BIZARRE ]


Plusmodel from Czech Republic is a well-known manufacturer of resin accessories in 1/35 scale. These are usually characterized by good quality and originality of subjects. The subject of this review is dedicated to medical items used by German Army during WW2.


The set comes in standard small cardboard box with image of painted items on the top. The parts are sealed in plastic bag which is put into bubble bag. Also included are the decal sheet and small photo-etched fret packed together in another plastic bag. The instruction are printed on A3 sized paper. Here the assembly sequence is presented as exploding view drawings with parts and decals numbers. However, no paint directions are given.


The resin parts are located on small carrier blocks and should be easy to clean up. The quality is excellent and I had no bubbles or other casting defects in my set. In total there are 4 large carts, stretchers and various medicines and binding material. Two of the carts have oxygen tanks, masks, valves and other equipment required for operations, while 2 others have numerous sections to be filled with medicaments and binding stuff. Smaller sections are given as separate parts and can be easily taken out or placed somewhere around the boxes if desired.

Medicine and binding material are located on 4 casting blocks and there are many more then 36 parts as stated on the cover of the package. All these have decals showing the variety of labels, however, no painting guide is provided for these so you have to either use the box art or google desired equipment. Most of the items would be white or beige in color anyway, but it is better to be sure when working on a diorama to have correct period setting. The labels on the decals look pretty good, although not all of them are distinguishable.

The stretcher comes as single resin part with 4 PE supports that should be bent and glued to the bottom surface. The location points for supports are clearly visible and assembly should not be a problem. The only critique here would be that the surface of stretcher is absolutely smooth while real items had canvas-like texture. This should be modified by modeler in order to get proper appearance. Also it is very thick for real item.


Overall, this is a very useful set that would be a perfect addition to recent Dragonís Maultier ambulance or any other Medical vehicle or diorama setting with wounded. Individual items can be of course used with any kind of vehicle as all of them had small medial cases.


For reference images I recommend the following website as it has a wide selection of various items.
Bunker Militaria Live links
Highs: good value for money, wide selection of items.
Lows: stretcher is too thick and has no texture.
Verdict: Recommended
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 434
  Suggested Retail: 18 euro
  Related Link: official web
  PUBLISHED: Feb 22, 2014

Our Thanks to Plus Model!
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This is an extremely nice looking set. I have had a problem finding this companies items to buy in the USA though. Pity. J
FEB 22, 2014 - 05:20 AM
Good review Roman. I like the fact the small packets are resin pieces and decals are made available. When I saw the first image I thought they were cardborad folded to shape. Boxes of this size are a nightmare to fold. Very useful item.
FEB 22, 2014 - 11:35 AM
Thanks, Jerry and Frank. The small items are very nice indeed. And the decals will bent around the whole part, so basically what you need is only to prime resin with white primer and transfer them.
JUN 21, 2014 - 06:15 AM
Jerry, you can order straight from Plus models website. I ordered several times from them and it's alot cheaper than ordering from a distributor here in the states. I also received the items in less than two weeks, i beleive it was like ten days.
JUN 25, 2014 - 02:32 AM

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