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Panzer Aces #44
Panzer Aces Armour Modelling Magazine #44
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by: Rick Cooper [ CLOVIS899 ]


The latest issue of Panzer Aces from Accion Press has now hit the shelves of newsstands and hobby shops worldwide. Filled with great photography from exceptional modelers this latest issue, #44, is sure to please.


The magazine is printed on A4 sized glossy paper, 64 pages in length, and features clear color photography throughout. This issue, like several before, focuses on a particular subject, in this case Panzerjaeger vehicles. The magazine has 4 build stories and one article that is part of the “Modelling Lessons” series they use for tips and techniques, plus a one page editorial.

The first article is the build of a 1/48th scale Jagdpanther using the Tamiya kit by Jose Lopez. He builds and finishes it with the standard three color camouflage and weathers and ages it using the oil paint dot method. Along with that Lopez uses a good number of more recent products and trends for weathering.

The next article is a Ferdinand in the more common 1/35th scale by Mario Gabas by Dragon. It is a well done model but the downfall of the article is that there are no in progress photos unlike the other build stories in the issue. This article is accompanied by four different color profiles of different Ferdys.

Next up is my favorite, a 1/35th scale StuG III G Hybrid by Jari Hemila. The model is built up Frankenstein style with pieces from a couple of different manufacturers, Dragon, CMK, and scratch built from plastic card. Hemila does a nice job of illustrating what he did with nice in progress photography of both the interior and exterior of the vehicle through the various steps. He compliments this with an accompanying step by step photography of the painting and weathering process.

The final build story, a Tamiya StuG IV in 1/35th scale by Alejandro Quintana, provides a step by step peek at creating zimmerit paste. For the zimmerit Quintana uses a home built pyrograuve from a soldering iron some wire and a chisel blade as well as Tamiya two part polyester putty. Quintana relates that everything didn’t always go quite as planned but he powered through and ended up with a very nice result. The remainder of the article deals with a layout of the on board equipment detailed for the model and an extensive step by step of the weathering process.

The final piece is the “Modelling Lesson” by the editor, Rodrigo Cabos. He takes us through a step by step process for applying and fixing pigments from tools and materials through application, fixing, and final appearance.


Another nice issue that puts together a number of articles focused on a central theme. It would have been nice to include something other than German tank hunters, maybe an SU-100 or a Hellcat. However, the articles that are included are all well done, mostly with very nice step by step processes laid out in well done color photography. Recommended, particularly for fans of the German Panzerjaegers.

Highs: Very nice full color photography throughout the issue. Good step by step process illustrated in most articles.
Lows: Narrow focus on only German panzerjaegers.
Verdict: Recommended.
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  Mfg. ID: 44
  Suggested Retail: 11 Euros
  PUBLISHED: Feb 28, 2014

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