Wisconsin, United States

Occupation: Professional Moving Target
Interests: Fishing with hand grenades, cutting down trees with det cord, terrorizing my neighbors, and scale modeling. When the mood strikes, I play guitar (blues, love da blues).
Username: Angry_Ensign


About Angry_Ensign
What's to say...been there, done that, got the stupid T-shirt to prove it. I've ran an air museum, worked for FSM, started my own mag, and I run a little internet webstore called Modelerswarehouse. In my spare time, I try my best to have something that resembles a life, but I find it easier to lock myself in the workshop with a bottle of Balvanie and an airbrush. I build for me...I'm not an accuracy fanatic. I like detail, but in the end, they're nothing more than plastic miniatures that collect dust in my display case. What I do isn't going to alter the fate of humanity, so I try not to take it too seriously. Piss me off, though, and watch what happens...

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