New York, United States

Occupation: Retired G.I.
Interests: WW2 American Armor, Automatic Weapons, Guiness
Username: Banshee3Actual


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Basic/AIT Ft. Sill, Ok 1981 Served in 2nd Armored Division (124th Mnt) Ft. Hood, Tx.1982-1984 Served at the World Trade Center in NYC with 69th Infantry Regiment 9/11/01-10/18/01 Served at USMA, West Point , Oct 2001- Nov 2002 Served In Iraq OIF2.5/3(Radwiniyah, RPC, Baghdad/Route Irish, Al-Ameriyah) with 69th Inf, Oct 2004- Oct 2005 Picked up a CIB during the Aftermath of a VBIED strike & Counter attack Purple Heart along the way courtesy of a 155mm IED wired to a Motorola Walkabout Now a FOBBIT at Ft. Livingroom for the near future.

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