Pennsylvania, United States

Occupation: Corrections Officer
Interests: 1/35 WW2 Armor/Figures and some 1 /32 scale Aircraft
Username: Bodeen


About Bodeen
I started building models (with the help of my father) at 10 years old. I got to experience the heyday of 1/32 Monogram armor kits and the Shep Paine diorama sheets. I think I built every one of those kits! I stopped building while in the Military but picked the hobby up again (with a vengeance) afterward and now I am a compulsive collector and have over 150 inbuilt armor, figure and aircraft kits.. I'm partial to WW2 German,American, Soviet and British armor. I spent 12 years in Europe and had a fantastic time there. I'm a fan of WWII aircraft but I haven't built any recently.

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