Illinois, United States

Occupation: District Manager
Interests: Besides modeling military vehicles and figures in dioramas, I enjoy fantasy baseball and football.
Username: DioRandy


About DioRandy
Most of my models end up in dioramas, thus the tag DioRandy. Unfortunately, the following is more of an obituary than a biography of my modeling career. Out of concerns for the safety of my dioramas, which appear on this site, I temporarily stored them on the shelf above my ex-wife's clothes in our bedroom closet. She had a 2-year-old grandson who had the run of the house, which signaled impending danger for my dioramas. I thought keeping them out of harms reach was the temporary answer to my security problem. However, I failed to comprehend the danger posed by the weight of my ex-wife's ever-growing wardrobe hanging just beneath the results of the years I'd devoted to my hobby. So, of course, fate struck it's cruel blow late one Saturday night as my ex-wife and I lay sleeping. The rail full of clothes, which was attached to my safe-haven shelf, came crashing down. I awoke out of a dead sleep to find a pile of plastic rubble lying on the closet floor amid a tangled mess of slacks, blouses and dresses. She failed to understand the severity of the event and simply asked me to make sure that the closet was repaired the following day and went back to sleep. If it had been something akin to her grandmother's china instead of my dioramas, it would have been a different story. However, it was not. So, all I have left to show for my modeling career are the photos posted on this site and an urn full plastic ashes. I found that repairing the dioramas was out of the question after reviewing the effects of a 6-foot fall from grace. Since that fateful night four years ago, I have only built two models, neither of which have evolved into dioramas. However, I have recently been able to ressurect the pleasure and excitement of the hobby and have a work in progress. Afterall, I have more time on my hands to devote to the things that once brought me intense pleasure -- I'm single again!

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