Wales, United Kingdom

Occupation: Archaeologist
Username: Drader


About Drader
From south Wales originally, I became an archaeologist by chance and have continued being one for about 20 years. Which is a lot of mud shifted. The nursing home where I was born is now part of the Celtic Manor and, by a nice bit of irony, I did the archaeology for several of their golf courses. I have managed to escape being on Time Team, when they came to Essex I went to work in France until it was safe to return. I now live on the edge of Chelmsford. Spend most of the time in the office now, doing all the stuff Time Team never shows (and surfing Armorama). Been modelling since before 1970 (not exactly sure when I started) and have been building AFVs almost as long. I like to think that I began at the beginning with the Airfix WW1 tank, but that may just be wishful thinking. Interests as far as armour goes are basically anything not WW2 German.