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Occupation: Warehouse Colleague
Interests: reading (star trek and military history) i'm also a major film buff with over 2372 DVD's in my personal collection all originals including a few rarities
Username: Eaglewatch


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Hi everyone i'm from a small mining village called Fegg Hayes in Starrofdshire, i've been modelling off and on since 1995, although i took a long hiatus from the hobby in 2000 when i had to have an emergency appendeactomy. I was in hospital for 5 days and subsequently off work for a further 12 weeks recovering, so my modelling pretty much went on the back burner until i started up again back in 2004 i'd class myself as a beginner / intermediate as i've just started to work with resin/ceramic's and P.E. I also have a twin brother Anthony who is a bit more advanced than myself.

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