Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Occupation: ICT/Infrastructure Engineer
Interests: Modelling 1/35 wwII
Username: Golikell


About Golikell
A short introduction: my interest in modelling an military modelling in particular originates from the time I was about 7, when my brother gave me a box of 1:72 Russian soldiers of Airfix. The first experience af glueing stuff was try to keep the Maxim machinegun on its base: something which never was to be permanent . Then after toying around with die cast tanks we ventured in the world of 1:72/1:76 plastic kits of Matchbox, Hasegawa and Esci. On these kits the first steps of cutting, gluing and painting were made. Heck, I even made my own antenae with streched sprues. At the age of 16 I bought my first BIG kit : a 1:35 Pzkw IV made by Italaeri. From then on things went from bad to worse and now I've got a big stash of unfinnished kits... I am more of the Collectors type of modeller...

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