Occupation: French Army Officer
Interests: 3D Modelling, Computing, History, Moutaineering
Username: Gr8_Humpback


About Gr8_Humpback
I'm an officer in the French Army Signal Corps with the rank of Captain . Currently, I am in charge of a higly-sensitive CIS (Communication and Information Systems) center located in a underground facility somewhere in France. I enlisted in the Army 15 years ago as a NCO. I was Sergeant, and was a computer technology(programming) specialist. I then set and passed the exam to join the Combined Arms Military College (ie Officer Academy), where I was commissioned Officer. After 2 years of studies at the CAMC, I was promoted 1LT. Then I spent another year at the Signal Training and Graduate Studies School for my Basic Signal Officer Training Course. I was then assigned to a Signal Battalion as a Platoon Leader. During my time as 1LT, I also held the role of XO for a couple of months, and even the role of Company CO (The CO was on TDY in Kosovo). I also went on TDY in Kosovo (KFOR). I then served in the Battalion S3 as Staff Officer. During this time, I went back for 3 months at the Signal School to follow the Signal Company CO Training Course. From June 2004 to June 2006, I was posted in Northern France as Commanding Oficier of an Infrastructure CIS Company which was roughly 250 men (and women) strong, including 100 Defense civilians (civil servants).

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